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Retelling of New Mistress via a Social Network Profile

Categories: St Scholastika's House
Characters: Kathie Ferrars, Nancy Wilmot, Nell Wilson
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Alternate Universe, Friendship, Humour, Romance, Slash
Series: FileSpace
Chapters: 47 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 66862 Read Count: 109143
[Report This] Published: 14 Jun 2011 Updated: 31 Dec 2011
Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 06 Jul 2011 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 21 More Skiing and Yseult

Wot Eleanore said. And also - I'm really starting to wibble quite a lot about what Hilda will say if she finds out Nell's been seducing the most junior member of staff :-(

And also - really well done again - brilliant details on Kathie pointedly ignoring Nancy (and Nancy's smiley faces), and on the level of intimacy that K and B's mesages have reached, and on Nell R's concerned message.

Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you :-) I was actually really irritated writing that as it is one of the things I HATE, people not saying what's wrong and ignoring friendliness. Though I'm sure I'm moody enough to do it myself accidently sometimes! But I needed a way tol show Kathy being mardy, so it's nice that it came across properly :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 08 Jul 2011 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 22 Walks and more

oooohhh, how very interesting! It seems like a certain amount of plotting has been going on...but I, like Nell Randolph, would like to know what, exactly. And I'd also quite like to know what kind of 'chatting' they're going to be doing at the party....

Thank you! Brilliant as ever...

Author's Response: :-) Glad you liked it, I enjoyed writing this one.

Reviewer: jayj Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 10 Jul 2011 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter 23 Halloween Party

I absolutely love ALL of this! Brilliant! I particularly love Bill's warning about the splasheries, though, and the extensive help Kathy appears to need to get out of her dress...and also drunk Kathy. Quite fantastic!

Author's Response: He he. I did enjoy doing this one too, so it is nice that it comes across ok !! Thank you for the comments. Well you see it would have been important not to get ink everywhere once the dress was wet, they wouldn't want to have Matey angry with them for ink all over the splashery or Kathy's room now would they. :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 15 Jul 2011 Title: Chapter 22: Chapter 25 Private Chat

yeay for Biddy and Joan being otherwise occupied! thank you!

Author's Response: Hello !!! Nice to see you, and I agree, yay for them being away :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 09 Aug 2011 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 30 Back to school

jayj "likes" this.

Author's Response: hahahaha - Good. :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 21 Aug 2011 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 31 - 21/08/11

poor Nancy! I liked Jack's comment, though. But I wonder if Bill's being a bit too indiscreet...

Author's Response: Yes I think Bill forgets sometimes how public FileSpace is...

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 27 Aug 2011 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 32 Down Memory Lane 27/08/11

haha! I like this! Especially the bit about Nancy having a slide rule older than Kathie... thank you!

Author's Response: He he glad you liked it. M has calculators older than me, I thought that was the nearest I could come to it!! And in response to your response to my response on Summer Holiday - no, I think nagging is a fair description of the hassle I give you !!! :-) But tis appreciation and encouragement too... Its just mainly nagging !!! :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 05 Oct 2011 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 35

Nell Randolph's a bit lovely here. Poor Kathie! But poor Nancy too - I'm imagining her fretting over her iphone/ipad/laptop desperately waiting for a reply from Kathie and not getting one...

Author's Response: Nell Randolph is a bit lovely full stop I reckon. I alwats liked how she looked after Peggy. :-) Yes I do feel sorry for Nancy too !

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 05 Oct 2011 Title: Chapter 33: Chapter 36 05/10/11 Investigating.

sweet! and I do love Kathie setting her form a text so they can't ask her what's going on...thank you!

Author's Response: Yes Kathy is learning quickly !!

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 11 Oct 2011 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 37 Marking books 11/10/11

*joins the ranks of the intrigued*

*waves at all the other intriguees*

Author's Response: Don't I get a wave? *sulks at lack of waves and contemplates leaving this a month or so before next update*

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 11 Oct 2011 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 : Kathy joins FileSpace

*waves at Beecharmer*

Author's Response: *feels less left out * Thanks :D

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 16 Oct 2011 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 38 Gossip 16/10/11

Poor Nell! But K and N are very sweet. And I love how Kathy tries to match Tristan's formal language - it's going to take him a while to get used to it, I'd imagine.

Author's Response: He he ! Glad that came across ok :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 06 Nov 2011 Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 40 04/11/11 Twelve days of madness.

Hehe! And I'm also looking forwards to christmas in this drabble - if everyone's scattered to the winds for the festive break that should make for some good filespace posting ;-)

Author's Response: Yes, I am quite looking forward to the timing, hopefully I should be able to do a few around the right sort of timing for christmas and New Year at the rate I am going :-)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 15 Nov 2011 Title: Chapter 38: Chapter 41 Roasts and Joints 15/11/11


I was going to suggest that Nancy might be a better source of food than Hilda (who I imagine to be a bit bony) so I'm glad Peggy made that suggestion!


Author's Response: He he ! Good good.

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 03 Dec 2011 Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 42 03/11/11

I love Tristan's little interlude here :-) and Nancy's 4-part justification of why she's allowed to play the bubble shooter game - but I don't know who's more of a tease, you or Joey!

Author's Response: Lol. Sorry!

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 10 Dec 2011 Title: Chapter 40: Chapter 43

wooh, a lot of good stuff here! I love what you've done with the game feed, but what's going on with Dickie and Nell R? Why is Dickie lying to her? I like Kathy doing updates during the play. And good fun to (finally!) see what happened with Nell W and the doctors, and a very interesting bit of gossip at the end. I'm a bit worried about what the mince pie challenge might involve, though...

Author's Response: Lol. Glad you like it! The real Game feed thing on Facebook you can't even opt in or out of seeing, and it is a relatively new addition. It is seriously stalkerish, though it is nice in a way to know one isn't the only person wasting time on silly games! :-D

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 31 Dec 2011 Title: Chapter 47: Chapter 50 31/12/11 The End

Yeay for happy endings! I'm glad you've managed to get N and K some alone time, and I love the last round of posts from everyone. And I'm glad nothing bad is happening with Nell R and Dickie (though I was about to volunteer to help console Nell if Dickie was going to dump her) and I love the Nelly the Elephant bit ;-)

This has been a great drabble, and you've used the format really well to tell the story. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you! The Nelly bit was for you and Elbee so glad you liked it! Nell is rather lovely. Glad you've liked it, you've helped a lot with it!!

An Oddment by Eleanore Rated: General starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 14]

Emphasis on the odd. What happens when Nancy and Kathie keep poor innocent CBBers awake.

Categories: St Clare's House
Characters: CBB member, Kathie Ferrars, Nancy Wilmot
School Period: None
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Alternate Universe
Series: None
Chapters: 4 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes Word count: 1386 Read Count: 10457
[Report This] Published: 19 Jun 2011 Updated: 22 Jun 2011
Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 19 Jun 2011 Title: Chapter 1: Yibble from Nancy and Kathie

Hurrah! another triumph of Kathryn's nagging :) I'm very pleased to see this moved over here. And I completely adore Kathie and Nancy's bickering. And I love the old bit, and I love the new bit too. Thank you!

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 19 Jun 2011 Title: Chapter 3: Late nights on the CBB

They don't need to get a tv, they could just watch it on the iplayer. Or on DVD... I love the line about Kathie being drunk in charge of a tree-house :D

Author's Response:

Don't start sending any more bunnies this way - I don't want to be woken at 3am to listen to Kathie yatter on about what she's managed to find on the iplayer! ;p

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 22 Jun 2011 Title: Chapter 4: Joey offers advice

they can't cook the rabbits! the rabbits have names! what about Brian and Simon and Tim and Daphne (and all the others whose names I've forgotten, but who do have names, and personalities, and hopes and dreams?)

*Writes a counter-formal-complaint to A-WRABBIT about dramatis personae getting a bit too opinionated for their own good*

Author's Response:

I think Brian and Simon are safe for the moment - they still haven't arrived anywhere, so they're in no danger of being cooked as yet. Other than that, maybe it's time the EBD Unit started arming their bunnies? Or maybe you and Kathryn should write lots of nice happy Nancy/Kathie updates to distract them from experiments in cookery? ;)

A Family Christmas by Eleanore Rated: General starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 35]

Nancy and Kathie spend a Christmas with the Wilmot family.

Categories: Ste Therese's House
Characters: Kathie Ferrars, Nancy Wilmot
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Family, Seasonal
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Table of Contents
Completed: No Word count: 3702 Read Count: 14622
[Report This] Published: 23 Jun 2011 Updated: 02 Jan 2012
Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 23 Jun 2011 Title: Chapter 1: An invitation

Yeay! More Nancy and Kathie! I do think it's a good job we put them in the cloning machine, the amount of work they're having to do at the moment ;)

I am very much looking forward to meeting Nancy's mother. More please!

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 05 Aug 2011 Title: Chapter 2: A compliment or an insult

yes, and I'd like to know, too! thank you!

Author's Response:

You'll just have to wait for the next update - or possibly the one after that ;)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 16 Aug 2011 Title: Chapter 3: Expectations

ooh, it's all a bit overwhelming...looking forward to more when you have time!

Author's Response:

I'll try my best - unfortunately for drabbling time, now exams are over I have got my social life back again, so it may be a while... ;)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 05 Sep 2011 Title: Chapter 4: Questions of privacy

Awesome! Mrs Wilmot is brilliant, and I love the 'babykins' comment. It seems like it's going to be a rather lovely christmas for them!

Author's Response:

I hope it is a lovely Christmas for them - they deserve some of the happy :)

Reviewer: jayj Signed
Date: 03 Jan 2012 Title: Chapter 5: Cherished

uh oh, I seem to have inspired a monster! I hope she's not going to make christmas too difficult for them...but the rest of the family are great - and I love that Kathie was able to relax enough to pass her leftover pudding over to Nancy :-)