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Story Notes:

Some parts are almost directly taken from the short error message stories written a while ago, but also may have been changed for universe-building purposes. Oh, well, rereads are fun anyway.

Miss Ferrars ticked the new girl off of her list.

"Well, I certainly hope you enjoy the Chalet School, Bethany," Miss Ferrars smiled at the Lower IV newbie. "Jean Morrison!"

"Yes, Miss Ferrars?" asked Jean, moving through the crowd to stand in front of the mistress.

"Jean, this is Bethany Stapleton, Bethany, this is Jean Morrison," Miss Ferrars said. "Jean, please ensure our new pupil settles in well,"

"Sure thing, Miss Ferrars!" Jean said. "You won't be a problem, will you, Beth?"

"No..." Bethany replied.

"Come on, let's get on board," Jean grabbed Bethany's hand and pulled her through the crowd. "The train will leave soon; we don't want to miss it!"

Bethany followed Jean - she had little choice, really - and soon they were both sat on board the train, by the window.

"It's quite a journey to Switzerland," Jean said. "I hope you're ready for it,"

"Don't worry, I know about long journeys," Bethany said. "I've got a good chocolate stock and plenty of things to do,"

"Good," Jean said. "We'll be meeting some of the others along the way - people like Henriette and Carlotta join us during the journey. And my great friends live close to the school, so they join us there. Felicity lives right next to the school, in fact. Mrs Maynard's great; you might know her books. She's Josephine M. Bettany,"

"Wow!" Bethany said. "I'd love to meet her. Her books are so good. I particularly like Nancy Meets A Nazi, I think it's the best book ever,"

"You'll get to meet her," Jean said. "She invites all of the new girls around to tea early in the term, and if you need anything she's always happy to talk with you about it. She isn't always around, mind you, she's often away for a day or two visiting friends. And she goes to England sometimes to meet up with her publishers. Felicity's twin, Felix, gets excited about that because she goes to visit all her boys as well. Anyway, you'll meet Felicity later. And Lucy too. Frank and Phoebe Peters are a nice couple - if you end up friends with Lucy you'll probably get invited to their home too,"

"Nice," Bethany replied. "The prospectus mentioned Josephine M. Bettany as one of its former pupils, but I didn't think I'd actually get to meet her. I suppose I won't get to meet the others on there, but at least I'll get to meet one of them,"

"Wait - you read the prospectus?!" Jean asked.

"Umm... yes, was this wrong of me?" asked Bethany. "I just wanted to know about the school I was being sent to, that's all,"

"There's nothing wrong with it," Jean said. "But it's really rare for a new girl to have read it, so... Anyway, you're bound to meet some of the other former pupils. Many of them keep in contact after they leave, and sometimes they'll be in the area and come up to the school for a bit. Margia Stevens, you know, the musician, she came up for a bit last term. The more musical pupils loved it,"

"I would have loved to meet her," Bethany said. "There are so many people I'd like to meet. By the way, the prospectus mentioned a rotation of three languages - English, German and French. How am I supposed to manage on French days when I have no French at all?"

"Like every other new girl who doesn't know French does," Jean said. "You will pick it up quickly, I promise. Immersion is one of the best ways to learn a language. Everyone is really helpful, so if you just put the effort in, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it,"

"I hope so," Bethany replied. "It'll be hard to do much on those days otherwise,"

"You'll see," Jean said.


"It won't be long until the others get here," Lucy said.

The girls from the Platz were all standing at the front of the Chalet School, chatting to their heart's content. The coaches were yet to arrive, and the waiting was helping them show off their patience - or lack of it.

"I know," Felicity said. "I wonder how Jean's holiday went,"

"We'll have to ask her when she gets here," Lucy replied. "Let's hope they get here soon; I'm hungry!"

"I wish you hadn't mentioned that," Felicity said, as her stomach growled.

"Is that -?"

"It is!"

And so the coaches arrived on the Platz. The girls on the coaches started to move off of them, and the girls not in the coaches started spotting their close friends and rushing forth to greet them.

"Hey, there's Jean!" Lucy cried.

Jean it was. She was with a girl Felicity and Lucy hadn't seen before. They were obviously joking about something. "Jean!" cried Lucy.

"Fliss! Lucy!" Jean called.

Jean dragged Bethany through the crowd to where her friends were standing. "Fliss, Lucy, this is Bethany. Bethany, that's Felicity and that's Lucy,"

Bethany smiled at them before the girls were told to line up in their forms.


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