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Felicity Maynard was roaming the Platz, free in thought, and dancing as she went like a fairy. She was headed for the Peters', more specifically to where Lucy was playing.

On the way, however, she saw a curious figure. A girl was just standing there motionless, her eyes looking somewhat downwards. She was completely draped with black.

“Can I help you?” Felicity asked.

“No, you stinking prep, you can't,” she said. “Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way don't need help from a prep like you. I'm just here to say that your world is just totally about to go right on it's head. I'm just going to go and do it with all the goffik guys round here, they'll all love Enoby,”

Felicity just stared as the girl – Ebony or Enoby? - went on her 'goffik' path. “What...?” she pondered.


Cecil Maynard was relaxing in Freudesheim's garden. It was a nice day and the sun bore its warmth down. Her eyes drifted around the garden... and caught something.

It was like a rabbit, but it was unlike any rabbit Cecil had seen before. It was grey and stood on its hind legs, and it had brown features and bucked teeth, like in a cartoon. It uttered something that sounded a bit like 'Bunny' and moved off.

“Don't go,” Cecil said. “Please, come back,”

But the rabbit-like creature carried on moving. Cecil followed it. The rabbit and girl went through a hedge and down a hole. An earthy tunnel it was, too, and small. But Cecil was small enough to crawl along it, even if it was a tight squeeze.

It was a long time before Cecil could see light ahead. She crawled on behind the bunny. Her legs started aching a little bit.

“Bunnelby! There you are!”

Cecil clambered out of the hole to see a teenage girl talking to the 'Bunnelby.' Her hair was sand-coloured and long under that pink hat.

“Bunnelby! Bunnelby!” the Bunnelby said.

“There now,” the girl said. “You can go back inside your ball now,”

The Bunnelby disappeared into a small red and white ball that logically couldn't contain it. The girl's grey eyes finally drew up to meet Cecil's.

“Hello!” she said. “I'm Serena. I'm a Pokémon Trainer,”

“Pokémon Trainer?” asked Cecil.

“Yes, Pokémon Trainer,” Serena said. “I train Pokémon,”

“What's... Pokémon?”

“Don't you know?” asked Serena. “Pokémon are the creatures that inhabit this world. Or is there another world that you've come from where there are no Pokémon? I don't think I could live without Pokémon,”

“I... must have,” said Cecil, feeling very much like she had gone to Wonderland. “I'm Cecil, Cecil Maynard,”

“Oh, you poor thing,” Serena said. “Never mind, you're sure to pick things up. Hey, I'll take you to Lumiose City to see Professor Sycamore – every region has a Pokémon Professor. The region we're in is called Kalos,”


Phil Maynard was sitting in her room reading a book. She was reading all about Nancy's flight from Nazis – a true story, and one she was completely addicted to – when -


“Phil! Is everything all right up there?” shouted Joey.

“Everything's fine, Mamma,” Phil shouted.

“Oh? Have I intruded?” the figure – an older girl with blonde hair – said. “I'm terribly sorry. I didn't mean to do that,”

“Oh, no, it's fine -” but the girl had disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

“Huh. I must be seeing things,” Phil muttered.


The Chalet School world was just about to get even weirder.

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