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Rosalie Rabbit sighed and turned away from the window, trying to be glad she was back at work. It had been a long break for her, but everyone had insisted that she take some time off while the EBD Plot Bunny Unit was quiet and get right away from things.

Tom Bunny had made sure that she didn't try to work from home by booking a surprise trip to visit her old friend Mabellears in Canada, then a quick trip to New York before before a leisurely all inclusive cruise back.

The discovery that the all inclusive cruise deal even included carrot juice meant the memory of the last few days could only be accessed through a slight haze, but it had been a wonderful holiday overall. Now she was back, staring at yet another pile of paperwork and wonder just when their supposedly paperless office would actually be just that.

Saying that, the email list was no less daunting, but at least she'd been able to sneak a quick look at those occasionally while Tom Bunny was sleeping, and deal with things as they came up, or make sure that her assistants were doing their job properly. Which they had been, most of the time. Even so, there were still some things that only she could deal with, and an even bigger pile of things that other people really ought to deal with, but always found the way to her in tray.

There had been so many reshuffles, office rearrangements and 'Action Plans' over the years that no one quite knew who they were supposed to report to any more. Or if they did, they didn't trust newcomers to a department to know the answer. Normally Rosalie was quite glad to be needed, the reshuffles always made her slightly worried for her job, not helped by the fact that the majority of the new heads of department were bunnies she remembered as kits in the EBDUnit creche not that long ago. However today the lean of her paperwork pile was making her feel quite queasy, and the screen seemed very bright for some reason.

A three day overload of processed pellets and carrot juice had not been the best plan just before coming back to work, she realised, and made a mental note another time to book a few days off after getting home as a recovery period. The whole point of the boat had been to try to avoid jet lag, but this hadn't really worked out that way, and now all she really wanted to do was stick her head down on the desk and have a nap. Admittedly as the most senior plot bunny there, she could have done so, but Rosalie had no intention of risking drooling on her paperwork or snoring, so had to prop her eyes open and stay awake.

Turning to the stack of forms, she gradually made her way through them, finally ending up with just a small stack of unimportant lettuce and hay reimbursement requests that could be passed over to the Finance Rabbits to deal with. It was always the same people who tried to by pass the hay registering system and get her to sign their expenses forms, but she wasn't playing this time. That was what Imelda the Accountabunny was paid for, after all, and she would be far better at working out what everyone was entitled to anyway.

It must be nearly time for the weekly meeting, Sir Royston wasn't in today so it should be quite a quick one hopefully. He never meant to delay anything, but having to keep reminding him who the new heads of department were and confirming that the other bunnies really had retired always added a distraction which couldn't help but slow things down.

Looking at her watch, Rosalie smiled, still slightly unable to believe she had her own Tag Hayer. Tom had surprised her that last day in New York, taking her to a jewellers and refusing to leave until she chose herself a birthday present. Rosalie had been looking longingly at the Carrottier and Tag Hayer watches for some years, but never felt justified in buying one. Tom had been more keen on the shiny Carrotier ones, but they were all too big for Rosalie's wrist, and would have got in the way of her typing. Also they were just that little bit too girly for the no nonsense bunny. No, she had made the right choice, this one was perfect, and would last her many years to come.

She had finished just in time, only five minutes to go before the section heads would be coming in to brief her on the Sally Denny and LGM activity. Oh and she mustn't forget the CBB Bunnies, however strange it seemed to her to have them reporting to her. Spending cuts had led to the drabble and non drabble supervision bunnies merging, which had been a sensible move since so many drabblers and yibblers used all three sites now. It had been a move that kept all of their jobs safe, as the old CBB burrow had been able to be sold to a warren developer. But still there were occasional complaints at yibbling meetings in drabbling time or vice versa, so it needed careful handling to make sure all of the departments got along.

The meeting went well to begin with, and Rosalie was pleased to see that the new drabbles section was starting to get some work again. She had had some warning of this, after excited emails from a close friend with a specialism - well more obsessional vocation, even to the point of a name change for her favourite character. As Peggy Bunnyett had told her with many exclamation marks, it wasn't just a few short paragraphs or lines, but a WHOLE drabble.

Rosalie had been even happier to hear that the character of Miss Everett was involved too. If this continued she knew that Tom Bunny would probably get some consulting work, as she was the expert in minor characters with femslash potential.

The meeting was drawing to a close when Rosalie asked a question she'd have expected to be a routine one. An ominous silence greeted her inquiry into reports she'd heard about the Beecharmer sleep gauge and real life paperwork levels. She looked around and tried to keep the irritation and slight note of panic out of her voice.

"Please tell me someone has been monitoring... Were none of you here in the drabble overload of 2011?"

As she looked around the room, she realised that in fact none of the bunnies there HAD been around at that time. There had been such a turnover of bunnies in the management positions in recent years that it was a whole new collection of young buns looking back to her.

Gritting her teeth she tried not to show just how stupid she thought they all were. Perhaps she was overreacting, it might just be a blip. After all there were a lot of prolific authors now, and the Beecharmer risk level hadn't reached above DIPISOD 4 for a long time now.

"When was the monitoring team last sent out to check ?"

Silence. She looked around. The heads of drabbles were looking at each other for an answer, and it was clear that no thought had been given to the drabbler activity monitoring at all. She decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, after all the Beecharmer bunnies had been fairly contained and quiet in recent years. But there were still other drabblers on the watch list.

"Well then, what about the Finn, Minim, and Someone monitoring?" She said, looking around. "I think we are reasonably safe with most of the prolific drabblers, but surely someone has been checking just in case ? Even I noticed that there's been busy periods and lots of changes in some of the drabblers' lives recently, and there's a definite shift to the westward at the moment. Have the Welsh offices been put on alert?"

At least this could be answered in the affirmative, and the Exec Bunnies hoped for a moment for a change of subject, even starting some small topics themselves in hope. But Rosalie was in no mood for chit chat.

"So can anyone answer me?"

One of the newer exec bunnies tried to spread the blame, muttering something about it being the CBB bunnies' responsibility to monitor yibble for signs of life changes. Before the CBB team began to complain, Rosalie dismissed this poor excuse.

"Don't be absurd. They have always warned us where they could, but the CBB bunnies have far too much to do to keep tabs on our drabblers too."

"Especially one that hasn't been posting on CBB much recently" interjected one of the CBB Moderathares. "From our point of view she's been downgraded as a threat level to just an Intermitt-a-yibbler, we can't watch them all."

Rosalie looked around at the team leaders. She hoped that a Beecharmer Drabblanche wasn't really imminent, but they needed to understand the importance of monitoring those who might be a risk of overdrabblation.

"Do none of you remember your drabbling equations? Think about it ! What is the first 1st Law of Stimulation Of Drabbles?"

A few faces looked blank, but most were able to answer. It was a well known fact that the chance of more drabbles was usually directly related to the amount of other things the drabble authors really ought to be doing instead.

"And what happened when the 1st law and Beecharmer's lack of sleep levels combine?" Rosalie's voice was very clearly showing how unimpressed she was now, however calm she was being.

To illustrate the point, she brought up a graph of the number of loopy, unfinishable and slightly odd Beecharmer drabbles with time. The great spike in 2011 spoke for itself.

"Oh help" said the bunny in charge of slightly loopy drabbles.

"Exactly." said Rosalie."The last time that this much paperwork and admin had to be done, and she was this busy in real life, just LOOK what happened!"

Several of the bunnies were now looking a bit green, so Rosalie decided she had better dial back the panic levels slightly.

"Thankfully the one difference is hopefully the important part of the equation" she said, bringing up the 'Beecharmer Sleep levels' gauge. "Luckily there still seems to be SOME sleep being had. We should be safe... for now..."

Feeling that her point had been made, Rosalie closed the meeting and went back to make a start on the email inbox. Finally the long day came to an end and she left, turning out the light as she went.

Unfortunatly the slight wooziness wasn't the result of overindulgence, but a nasty stomach bug Rosalie had picked up on the trip home. For the next few weeks, she and several of her key assistants could think of nothing but lying still and trying to make sure they drank enough water. Without any experience themselves of a Drabblanche, the exec bunnies relaxed a bit, and soon became distracted by their own fighting for seniority between themselves.

In a corner, unnoticed, the Beecharmer sleep disruption gauge crept gradually up, going from a gentle yellow to deeper orange, then edging towards a bright blinking red light ...
Chapter End Notes:
Extra bit inspired by shesing's review on LGM ...

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Hey Moup,

Just got this warning come up, so thought better warn you there will probably be a request on your desk on Monday. Know you are a bit short staffed over there at the moment, but might be worth seeing if the bosses will authorise any short term transfers, as she's getting quite fed up with no bunny activity from the sound of it.



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