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Author's Chapter Notes:


From 'The New Chalet School':

"Meanwhile, the prefects to be on duty in St Clare’s after Lights Out were clustered together in Miss Wilson’s study, that lady having shown herself unexpectedly accommodating, suggesting to Miss Annersley that she should have a camp bed in Miss Stewart’s room, and another should be put down in hers, so that Ida and Gillian need not go back to Ste Thérèse’s at all that night.

'Better not risk waking the others,' she said.

'Or couldn’t the camp beds come into Paula’s room and mine, Miss Wilson?' proposed Louise. 'It seems really mean to have to turn you out.'

Miss Wilson shook her head. 'My room and Miss Stewart’s are much larger than yours, Louise. No, we’ll stick to my plan.'

So it was arranged; and when ten o’clock came, Gillian and Ida slipped along the connecting passage, carrying what they needed for the night, to find that Bill had provided hot chocolate and buns in her pretty study, while she herself was just off to bed, being tired after a strenuous day. 'Don’t be too late,' she said, 'and don’t forget to switch of the lights.  Gute Nacht!' And she ran off laughing."


"You do realise, don't you, that tonight isn't likely to be the uninterrupted bliss you're selling it to me as?" Con's words were sceptical, though her smile was as warm as ever. "What you're saying is, we're fairly promised night-time activities. That doesn't equate to 'uninterrupted' for me."

Nell waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, but they're someone else's interruptions, Con. Isn't that what we have prefects for? They're positively thrilled to be taking it on. Yes, they might seek our help in the end, but you can be sure that'll only happen if they really feel they have no choice about it - they'll want to do all they can to manage it themselves. What other night," she went on, smiling broadly, "are we likely to get away with sharing a room without needing to hide it? No waiting for Grace to go off to bed first, no checking the corridor is clear before leaving in the morning; and if anyone should come looking for either of us in the night - well, better tonight when I'm here legitimately, than certain other nights I could recall."

Con couldn't resist a reminiscent grin. "Although, if anyone should come looking for you in the night, they'll rather be expecting to find you in that-" and she indicated the unmade camp bed beside her own - "and not in mine."

For answer, Nell picked up the key, with a theatrically slow and impious flourish. "Did you think we'd just leave your door open for anyone who cared to pass by, my darling? Really!"

"Oh, and you don't think that's just a tiny bit suspicious, Nell? If they come and find the door locked?"

"Better they find it locked and have their suspicions, than fling it open and have them confirmed," Nell retorted as she turned the key and turned questioning eyes on her lover. "Now, are you saying you'd rather the door unlocked and me in the camp bed?"

Con grinned and pulled Nell down onto the bed beside her. "No. No, I'm not saying that."



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