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Story Notes:
I've never written Slash before, hope I don't say anything offensive! Please could you help me out and leave me heaps of reviews so I know whether or not I'm on the right track.

Y'know, I walked out on the biggest, the oldest, the best Harry Potter fanfiction website because it categorises Slash as a warning. What, might I ask, is so wrong with Slash? If they want us to "warn" for Slash, surely it would only be fair to make us also specify Het.
Excretion is one of the seven life processes and Reg Entwistle was certainly feeling this as he traipsed round the corridors of the Sonnalpe Sanatorium, waiting for his shift to begin, which it would in ten minutes.

On reaching the gentlemen's toilets, he was only half-surprised to find his great friend, Nurse Cecilia Winterton (no relative of Polly and Lalla, he had asked her that on their introduction and she had replied "Who?"), casually bending over one of the sinks, carefully applying blusher.

"Hey, Sissy." was his only acknowledgement of her as he trailed round the corner into one of the cubicles.

Sissy smiled to herself as she screwed the lid back onto her pot and replaced it carefully in her make-up bag. She had met Reg, in fact, due to her curious habit of doing her make-up in the gentlemen's loos if there were no free sinks in the ladies'. She had began work at the Sanatorium, having come from a smaller general hospital as a replacement for a nurse who had, after very severe bullying from the notorious Dr. Smith (mostly referred to as "him" by the Maynard family), committed suicide (there was a memorial for all Smith's victims in the graveyard), during a time when the Maynards and all who co-inhabited with them were going through rough times. On her first day, he had discovered her applying various masks and creams to her face and they had got along like wildfire. She had proved to be a good listening ear and giver of advice and a friendship strong as iron was formed. Oh, it was never going to be more than that, after all, he was engaged, she had met Len quite a few times and she agreed that Len and Reg were the perfect match for each other, but it was still nice to be his friend, he was a very friendly man.

Reg came back, washed his hands then perched on the counter. Sissy smiled up at him while deftly applying mascara.

"Have I missed the "two-minute mask"?" he asked teasingly. "And the spot-squeezing, and the moisturiser, and the eyebrow-plucking?" The necessity for the full-on morning make-overs which his friend went through at the beginning of each shift (of the three eight-hour shifts, both were on the much-sought-after 9-5 shift) was alien to him, none of the female members of the Maynard household felt the need to apply beauty products, all of them being blessed with immense natural beauty.

Sissy did not respond. Speaking and applying lipstick simultaneously is very difficult.

"Shut up." she said when she had finished.

Reg shot her a grin. "You must feel so hard-done-by, having to wear blue eyeshadow and red lipstick and have" He gave a theatrical gasp. "tidy hair!"

Sissy pulled a face. After a petition from some of the nurses, the two Heads had agreed to allow muted and discreet make-up, however, Sissy's usual faceful of Gothic make-up was still forbidden. To add insult to injury, she had to neatly comb and pin up her dyed-black hair.

"Drat Dr. Russell and Dr. Maynard!"

"It'd give all the little old ladies a heart attack!" laughed Reg.

"And Dr. Maynard's sister!" added his friend flippantly. Mollie MacDonald was notorious for her hatred of all things informal or unconventional - Goths, for instance - and had taken quite a shine to Sissy (even if she did refuse to use the abbreviation, which was another thing she hated, and insist on calling her 'Cecilia')...until she saw her out of her nurse's uniform.

"By the way" asked Sissy, re-packing her make-up bag, "is she still being an arsehole about him and his wife?"

"Yup." said Reg sadly. "She 'n' Jack've reached a bit of a deadlock over that. She's insisting that "schoolgirls" shouldn't mix in a familiar way with teachers who taught them and their families, whereas Jack's insisting that it's just a little system that ensures that schoolchildren learn to respect their teachers, not a big legal matter that means they can't marry and it ceases to apply when the schoolgirl has left school and this is getting ridiculous. So then she drags up a load of crap about the age gap, Jo having to convert, too many kids - mah, who fuckin' cares, they're all dead nice anyway - Jo always sayin' she was never gonna get married, different personalities, loads of bullshit, then she either says that all the kids are either illegitimate, non-existent or not related. She's a bitch."

Sissy gave him a sisterly hug. (He had, during this speech, slid down from the counter and had been pacing back and forth along the row of sinks.)

"Anyway" said Reg, pointedly changing the subject, "are your bogs full?"

"Nah, it's just the new doctor."

"What does he like to go in the wrong bogs too?"

"It's a girl, you sexist idiot!"

"Whoa, seriously? We've never 'ad a girl before!"

"I know. But I cleared out 'cause she's a cuckoo."

"What kind of a cuckoo?"

"Bad kind. Eatin' 'er breakfast on one o' the sinks."

"What's 'er name?"

"She didn't introduce herself. Badge said "F. Summers", though."

"Ooh, are we having a gathering in here?"

Both were startled by the third voice; turning to the door, they saw a curly blonde head had been stuck round it. The newcomer gave them a British Army salute.

"Flicker Summers at your service!"

"Flicker?" asked Reg incredulously.

"Oh, yeah! It's my nickname. I've only ever been called 'Flicker'." She spotted Sissy. "Hello, you! I tried to say hi before but you went away. What's wrong with our loos?"

"You were in there." murmured Sissy under her breath.

"Precisely." said Jack, surprising them all by appearing behind Flicker. Sissy gave a shriek and ducked behind Reg, who, fortunately, was very tall and broad, but she was out of luck, as Jack had already seen her.

"Come on, Nurse Winterton, take your bag and go." he said, with a glimmer of a smile.

Sissy went, throwing Flicker a filthy look. She waited in the corridor outside.

"Right" said Jack bracingly "shift begins in approximately one minute, so I suggest we all get to wherever we're supposed to be."

So Reg bolted to be with his patient, Sissy ran to her ward, and the decidedly odd meeting with the curious Flicker was driven out of both of their minds.

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