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Tessa pulled Hannah out and dried her with a towel from a random peg,

"That's it, you can get dressed again now" she said coldly, remembering that
Hannah had once or twice deliberately tripped her up during a lacrosse
game. A surprised Hannah put her uniform back on and spoke, in a very humbled

"Well yes Tessa, you've proved your point now, are you going to report me to the

"Hopefully there won't be any need for that, please go! But do talk to your
friend Emma as well, I'm so sick of your behaviour" she said in a slightly
warmer voice, almost feeling guilty now and realising that bogwashes are dangerous
because of the risk of drowning.
Hannah frowned, but swiftly rushed off to her Latin class with Herr Weber, an
Austrian who had once taught at Miss Browne's school before
deciding against joining the Chalet School when they merged, due to not being
allowed to teach Greek as well, because of timetable issues. But, after teaching
in an Innsbruck high school, he had moved to England after the Anschluss because
of his association with the CS, and in protest. Klaus was fairly nice, but had
sometimes been pushed too far by the middles. Such as on the occasion when
Hannah and Emma had decided to release stink bombs, which should have resulted
in a detention or worse but did'nt due to the school's ideas.
Just now, however, no girls felt like causing any more trouble, and the
lesson finished wthout problems.

Tessa meanwhile felt she needed some fresh air after such upheavals. She went
downstairs to the senior cloakroom to put on her coat, then outside, through the
rose garden which was bare at this time of year, past the duckpond. The school
was located on a windy hill outside Tanswick in Llandudno House, a large
mansion with a few outbuildings.
She walked towards the path which led down to the beach and the sea. The drive
leading up was quite steep, there was no surrounding fence, only a lowish hedge.
Tessa crossed the playing fields and moved towards the edge with it's good view,
where the sea looked grey in the distance. Overwhelmed by her exertions, she
lay down on the grass and burst into tears. She remained there for some time,
while the few raindrops gradually increased.
Eventually it was a complete torrent, she had to get back inside.
Unlike the other school, they had introduced their own cafe/tuck shop which was
open to all forms. Tessa got a coffee and bread twist, uneasily sat down with
the other senior pupils. Then Joanna Scott, the head girl,

"That was pretty impressive, Tessa, we've been trying to sort out Hannah for

"Well I think she deserved it to be honest"

Tessa blushed.

"But how are we going to sort out the school's discipline problem? It's getting too
much, Emma and Tamzin Howell were also throwing paper aeroplanes around in prep

"I dunno"

"Please don't use such slang" said Joanna half-heartedly, few people bothered about it much anymore.


"The island people are coming soon for a lacrosse match, perhaps they can give
us some advice"

"Well hopefully"

"Anyway please calm down"

"I'll try"

Jo kissed her on the cheeks, in the continental fashion, Tessa reciprocated.

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