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Author's Chapter Notes:
Theme was Forgetfulness.

The author stared out of the window, lost in the actions of her characters. Every now and again, she bent her head and little scribbles could be heard, with low mutterings occasionally breaking the otherwise regular sound of scratches on paper.

"Need a name there... Mmmmm... one I haven't already used ... Where IS that list ?"

Some scrabbling in a pile of papers, a frustrated look around the room, as though the paper might leap up at her, or be hanging from the ceiling perhaps. She didn't want to move, the ideas were coming too well at the moment, and the plot was much more important than the name of a minor character who might never have more than a passing role again, if that.

"I DO wish people wouldn't try to tidy me up when I am writing" she muttered, ignoring the fact that the only person who was likely to do so was herself, in a fit of procrastinitis while waiting for writers block to clear.

"Oh drat it! Well it isn't that important, I can't go searching for it right now..."

She skipped past the character's name and put a little scribbled 'Check' in place of the name. At the beginning of her writing days, this had been a nice clear CHECK, but it had to be admitted that time and habit had replaced it with a large C, squiggle and a sloping K that looked suspiciously like a y. It didn't matter really, for she typed her own manuscripts up once the initial ideas had been taken down in long hand. SHE knew what it meant, after all.

A while later, inspiration having run away like so many of the little rabbits she watched out of her window, she began to type up the notes. That was usually a good way to trigger off some new ideas, and she would remember her plot much better if she had reviewed it while typing. The deft fingers tapped their way along, and happily transcribed the events unfolding with the younger members of the school. A small smile crossed her face as she thought of the next idea for how the girls could get into mischief. A familiar type of segment was being typed, setting the scene and moving things on, so she didn't need to concentrate too hard. Her mind wandered off to the next hops of her plot bunnies and she powered along to get to the next part sooner.

A glance at the page, a misread ' Check' and so Miss Carey was born, a handwork mistress who wasn't going to have much of a role. Later, in another book, a mother or two or relative called Carey, mistyped then kept in, after all it does sound a very motherly name...

Another time, frowning over the typed script, this time with a gap left in every now and again. She needed a name for that dratted girl, Verity-Anne. She had been a difficult one to write, for really she was only a plot device, the vibrant little Mary Lou was much more interested to write about. Several sighs, and then a typed gap, to be filled in later once a name had occurred. Verity Anne Smythe possibly if nothing else showed up? But somehow Commander Smythe didn't look right, but THAT DAMN LIST had gone again, so was he was relegated to a 'Check'.

A mistranscribed squiggle again, and Commander Carey was born. That one, she noticed, for the characters were too central to ignore, but the name ran so well, that it may as well be his surname as any other.

"Why does that name sounded familiar... but it isn't one I would normally use... And - where is that damn... Ah! There it is ! No, good, it isn't on the list. Right then. Verity Anne and Commander Carey it is..."

In the excitement of having a name finally sorted out, the forgetful lady powered on with the story, the "character names and ages" list unamended beside her yet again.

A little later, and the knotty problem of what to call Dickie Christie's stepmother. She was the wife of a friend of Jack's after all, Joey would hardly call her "Mrs Christy" for long... No, she needed a name, but there was that scene with the her daughter to write, and she needed a name too, but the inspiration just WOULD not come.

At least three ideas for things that Mary Lou might do arrived all of a sudden, and so that 'Check' returned again, for both, to later become "Cherry Christy" and "Carey Christie".

"What a lovely combination. Such a nice word, Carey, I do like it. But it is a rather odd first name, I wonder where I came up with that one? I'd better put a bit of explanation in, that will fill the space in that conversation nicely"

The author happily carried on, and chattered away to her characters, and the fact that Verity Anne was also a Carey was long forgotten. After all she was going to be Mary Lou's sister-by-marriage, her surname wouldn't matter, would it, with a Mary Lou around to look after her, she would in effect become a Trelawny. Miss. Carey the handworks mistress was long gone, if the author had even remembered she existed.

And if there WAS a little bit of repetition, no one would notice, none of her readers read the books in that sort of detail after all. No, it was fine. Carey was such a lovely caring sounding name after all...

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