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Sam Holt was happy at her school but when her frail sister Alison was deemed well enough to be sent to the Chalet School, Sam is taken away and sent along with her. Angry at her parents and her sister for being separated from her friends, how will Sam adjust to life at the Chalet School and will she be able to forgive both her sister and her parents?

Rated: General
Categories: St Agnes' House Characters: Jo (Bettany) Maynard, Mary-Lou Trelawney, Minor character(s), OC, Rosamund Lilley
School Period: Switzerland
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Family, Friendship, School Story
Series: None
Chapters: 14 Completed: No
Word count: 14614 Read: 23673
Published: 06 Feb 2014 Updated: 04 Nov 2015
Story Notes:

My first attempt at posting something here and I'm more than a little nervous. Please be gentle with me! It's set in the same term as 'The Chalet School and Richenda' and is a completely original story containing nothing at all from that book outside of one new girl.

1. Sam Hears the News by Matthew [Reviews - 10] starstarstarstarstar (854 words)

2. Meeting Miss Ferrars by Matthew [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (580 words)

Sorry about the huge delay, I had a really bad case of writers block before some real life issues took over and before I knew it, June had arrived and I'd written nothing else. Hopefull I'm past that now and will be able to produce more regular updates.

3. The Journey to School by Matthew [Reviews - 1] (633 words)

I tell you, I'm going to be so happy when I get past the setting up of the story and move onto the story proper. I've got most of the major scenes as well as the ending pretty much written in my head but writing these early chapters has been like pulling teeth. Hopefully, updates will become more regular at that point.

4. The First Night by Matthew [Reviews - 2] (1212 words)

This chapter was much easier to write (as I'm sure you can tell with the ultra quick update!). Hopefully, this will continue and things will start to flow much better.

5. Starting Lessons by Matthew [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1639 words)

6. Enter Mary Lou by Matthew [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1118 words)

I'm sorry that I've gone so long between chapters but I started a new job and getting settled there has taken up all my time these past couple of months. Not to mention the fact that a full days work leaves me lacking the energy to write! Hopefully, now that I'm settled updates will become more regular. No promises though especially with that dreaded writer's block always lurking in the background!

7. Joey Steps In by Matthew [Reviews - 2] (1087 words)

Not entirely happy with this chapter as I'm never too confident writing a lot of dialogue especially when it involves Joey Maynard! And she wasn't even meant to be in this story. I just couldn't write a story involving a frail girl away from her parents for the first time without Joey sticking her oar in!

8. Tea at Freudesheim by Matthew [Reviews - 1] (664 words)

Another Joey chapter. She just refuses to be left out!

9. Sam's Bad Day by Matthew [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1373 words)

I had this chapter pretty much completely written before I started the previous chapter. That's mainly because the previous two chapters were something I hadn't originally planned at all. They just grew naturally from Mary Lou's thought of 'asking Aunt Joey' and I was left with no choice but to write them. The next few chapters are going to focus back on Sam's problems but I will be dropping in on Alison from time to time as well. Hope you enjoy!

10. An Eventful Day by Matthew [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (1587 words)

A longer chapter this time. This chapter changed several times as I was writing it and the final effort is very different from how I originally envisaged it.

11. Joan Comes Up With An Idea by Matthew [Reviews - 3] (1157 words)

A quick update! Maybe I'm finally hitting my stride! Though, to be fair, I had this chapter in mind from the start and had already got a pretty firm outline of it in my head a while ago. May I also say thank you for all the kind reviews. You can't imagine how encouraging it is to receive such positive feedback. Makes me want to start writing the next chapter immediately.

12. The First Lesson by Matthew [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (831 words)

I know, I've gone a long time again between chapters. The truth is that I've had a few chapters about 85% written for a while now but the perfectionist in me just wasn't happy with them. This was especially because I wasn't too sure about how the Chalet School operated during the evening. To this end I read a few of the Swiss books (leading me to start some threads back at the board). Of course, I quickly discovered that there was no solid answer to my question and that EBD just made the evenings go how she needed them to in that story. So I ultimately decided to follow suit and just go with what I needed without worrying about continuity with the series. Not how I like to do things (I'd have been much happier if the books had offered me a consistent routine) but if it was good enough for EBD then it's good enough for me.

13. Caught by Mary Lou by Matthew [Reviews - 3] (1004 words)

I can't believe that it's been nearly a year since I updated this story. Unfortunately, I hit a point at the end of this chapter where I couldn't write the end of it to my satisfaction. I can't tell you how many times I sat down to finish this off only to give up in frustration. And even now, I'm still not entirely happy with it. Still, it's done and I can finally move onto the rest of the story. I just hope that you wont have to wait another year before my next update!

14. Hilary Makes a Difference by Matthew [Reviews - 0] (875 words)

A quick update this time! Huzzah! This chapter was pretty much written already with just a bit of tidying up to do so don't expect every update to be this prompt! Though with my track record, that's hardly surprising!