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Author's Chapter Notes:
Well, who else would it be in one of my drabbles?

She could hear the blood pounding in her ears as she awoke. All around, there were voices.

"She's waking up."

"Who is she?"

"She looks important."

"She must be, why else would someone shoot a sleepy dart at her?"

"She must be a princess."

"Don't be silly, Ivy, she can't be a princess. Where's her tiara, then? For I know she hasn't one."

"Aunt Veta doesn't wear her tiara always, even after they went back."

"She would have had an escort if she had been a princess."

"I think she's a film star."

"But she's not a grown up."

"Idiot! Who played Pollyanna? Who played Honey and Cherry in that film we saw last week? Who plays all the kids in films? Not grown ups, I can tell you!"

"She'd have had a bodyguard if she had been a film star."

"Not if she wasn't a rich and famous one."

"If she wasn't a rich and famous one, she wouldn't have been dressed so smartly."

"Maybe her family's rich."

"Maybe that's why she got darted. So she could be kidnapped and held to ransom."

"Then why did the darter run off rather than nab her?"

"'Cos he knew he had been seen?"

Bonnie's quick ears detected that each contribution came from a different speaker. There were different accents, different positions in the room, all sorts. But most voices carried that note of sameness that merked them out as siblings. Now a woman's voice spoke, and Bonnie relaxed into the sound of it.

"Be quiet now, you lot, it's not nice to talk about other people as though they can't hear you. Jack" her voice was now filled with concern "will she be alright? I mean..."

Jack! She had heard that name before! Now, where? Oh, yes! Memory was rapidly returning for Bonnie and she knew enough to remember her last moments of consciousness. So this must be Jack, she was quick enough to link Dr. Maynard and Jack. So this must be him! She patted herself on the back, metaphorically, of course.

"Don't you worry, my darling." said Dr. Jack Maynard soothingly, presumably to the woman who had spoken. "Thee were no toxins in it, just an anaesthetic. She's alright now, at least she will be once she's woken properly."

Bonnie opened her eyes and saw a crowd of people, mostly children of varying ages. A black-haired man, presumably Dr. Maynard, waved a hand at them.

"Out!" he cried, and they sulkily obliged. However, Jack collared a big, blonde man with the instruction to have some medicinial-sounding stuff ready for when she woke up, to avoid a reaction to the drug in the dart.

"OK!" said the man, who had been adressed as "Reg", cheerfully, then left.

Bonnie sat up and took her first proper look at the scene. She was in a room she did not recognise, a room decorated in soft yellow, with furniture in a wood she recognised to be ebony. It was quite simply furnished, with a bed, in which she was lying, and the blankets matched the walls, carpet and curtains, a dressing table, complete with mirror, a wardrobe, a bedside cabinet, on which was a lamp - yellow, of course - and a book, which, she saw with a little metaphorical jump of joy, was by Josephine M. Bettany, her favourite author, and what was more, she had never read it. It was Gypsy Jocelyn. Lastly, there was a chest of drawers.

Seated in the dressing table chair was a slim woman with jet black hair, done up in earphones and eyes of the same colour, which twinkled with a cheery light which reflected the smile on her red lips. She had a holly-berry-red dress with shoes to match and looked every inch as, if not more, rich than Bonnie. Also, there was the dark haired man, Jack, she presumed. Was she his sister? They looked similar enough.

Bonnie felt her eyes drawn to the woman as she rose and went to stand next to Jack, pressing herself against him and putting her arms round his neck. That behavior was wrong. Not his sister, then, his wife. The children could be theirs. But then, how could there be so many? But that could just be a figment of her imagination; she was seeing double, triple even, due to the drug. She was quite sure that she had seen the same girl seven times, each time with a different coloured ribbon in her hair and on her dress. Jack just jerked his head towards the door.

"That includes you too, you know, Jo."

"Oh, but Jack!" protested Jo "Can't I stay with her?" She looked up at him imploringly. He gave a resigned sigh and nodded.

"Now, then." Jo, triumphant, disentangled herself from Jack and smiled at the little girl in the bed. "Who has Reg brought us?"

Bonnie hesitated. She understood the question, yet she lingered over her answer. Should she reveal all? No, surely not! They would definitely come for her then!

"My name is Bonita Lloyd."

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