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Bonnie was silent as a cat as she levered herself out of bed and shrugged off her new nightdress - a cast-off from a Maynard slightly younger than her, Rosetta, but the Maynards were tall and Bonnie was very slight - and quietly dressed.

She softly padded downstairs and then, as her childish instincts took over and her stomach made a queer noise, she crept into the kitchen and there, resplendant in all its glory, was a slab of the chocolate cake that had formed their afternoon tea. She grabbed a bag and shoved the cake into it, wrapping it neatly in her unused handkerchief and shoving it in. She poked around in the kitchen, discovering many items likely to appeal to the appetite of a ten-year-old girl. Some of Anna's famous lemon biscuits joined the cake, as did a tin of Heinz spaghetti hoops and a spoon. She also found some sausages, of which she took two, and then, begrudgingly, began to look about her for some fruit. On finding some cherries, she was reconciled. She was not fond of having no sandwich, or indeed any form of carbohydrates, but she was satisfied that she certainly had enough to eat, and it was appetising, too.

She swiftly found the key to the front door and, after letting herself out and locking the door behind her, pocketed it.

She checked her watch. Midnight. She had approximately five hours or so before Jo, who was reputed to be the family early bird, woke and discovered her gone.

Cheerfully spooning spaghetti hoops into her mouth as she walked, Bonnie allowed herself to be taken in by the tranquil feeling in the air. She had almost forgotten...

Shaking herself back to the present, Bonnie ate her way through her sausages and the rest of her strange breakfast, she explored the area thoroughly. Thank God the Maynards were chatty! The Robin's cave, the Tiernsee, which was frozen now, a most appealing sight, even the little hamlets around it, she had to know them all intimately. In the morning, she would beg a walk to take some photos, the moon was bright, but it just wasn't enough.

Then, as dawn broke, she turned tail and ran back up the Sonnenscheinspitze and back into Die Blumen, before hurriedly changing back into her nightdress and tumbling back into bed to sleep the sleep of a girl who has achieved her goal.

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