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Jack left the room and a large, blonde woman came in his place, bearing a tray on which was a bowl of broth for Bonnie.

Jo grimaced. "Broth's never nice, is it?"

"Depends on the broth." said Bonnie, who had eaten a lot of the stuff, then hastily clapped a hand to her mouth. "I mean...yes. Horrible. Not that I've...ever...eaten...any." She tailed off under Jo's curious stare. Instead, she ate her broth in silence and then picked up Gypsy Jocelyn.

"For my Jack." she read aloud. Dedications in books had always interested her. Now it was her turn to give Jo a curious stare.

"It's you, isn't it? Josephine M. Bettany?"

Jo nodded. "I know itvseems remarkably like blowing my own trumpet, but it's the first thing that came to hand. It's just a spare copy. How did you know? That was very quick thinking."

"It is dedicated to Jack, there was a man in the room called Jack, you are evidently close to him, and you are Jo. I am guessing that you write under your maiden name. Will you sign it for me? Let me keep it? I am such a fan of yours!"

Jo was flummoxed. "Yes. You may have it. Not many children your age would have worked it out in that space of time from just seeing a dedication!"

Bonnie went red. "Well, it's tiny compared to what I solve the rest of the time." Then, she clapped her hand to her mouth again. "I mean...I like doing problem solving..."

Jo smiled. "Well, you'll fit in well here, our children just live that sort of thing." But it was easy to see the faraway look in her eyes.

Bonnie pinched herself. That had been dangerous. If that's what effect sleepingdarts had on her, she would have to play dumb for the next few weeks. And if she said something major...well, she could easily find her bag.

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