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I leant on the rail on the side of the boat and thought.

Mum and Dad had never lived in the Tyrol, and now, a little chalet called Das Edelweiß had fallen vacant, and it's right next door to Die Rosen, so all three sets of cousins on Daddy's side live right on each other's doorstep. Die Blumen, where the Maynards will live, is on the other side of Die Rosen

The Maynards will come last, because they've got into some difficulty or other with Freudesheim, and Anna and Rösli go first, to open up the house, because it's been shut up for twenty years, then Auntie Jo and Uncle Jack are going, just to settle affairs, the deeds are in Uncle Jack's name, but he has to go and prove who he is before they'll let him in, and that could take weeks, so he's taking Auntie Jo with him. We think it's because he doesn't want to be parted with her for so long.

We always tease them behind their backs. Mummy and Daddy, Auntie Madge and Uncle Jem even, have sort of settled down and...well...got used to each other, but Uncle Jack and Auntie Jo still seem to find it hard to believe that they really have each other, and some of the older Maynards say they've seen them being quite madly passionate when they don't know anyone's watching.

Anyway, once the house is fit to move into, all their kids come, and then everyone will be there.

Uncle Jem had the San. to resettle into its old building, so the Russells went out first. Die Rosen has been lived in, so they had to pay for it, but Davie says it's well worth it. And, they don't have to get all the accounts straightened out. We had a letter from Auntie Madge to say they got out safely and were settled. That was a week ago.

I'm absolutely chuffed that we can all live next to each other, all three families. I think it will be a fantastic new experience to just nip over whenever we feel like it. While I'm sorry to be leaving Wales, Austria will be even nicer. I can't really remember it, so it'll be nice to see everything again. I just can't wait.

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