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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just thought I'd revive this!

I've been walking around the old San. for the past half-hour. It must be said, the other lot of doctors did a good job keeping it clean and orderly. All the old wards are still there, but some of the offices have been changed into one-person wards. I've been unscrewing the name-plates from the doors on the offices. They aren't names I recognise, and at some point later (hopefully not much later), some fellow's going to come along and replace them with names I do recognise - my own, J. Maynard, G. Mensch, B. von Ahlen, and countless others. M. Hawthorne will also have her own office, as Head Nurse, and I'm very glad to see her back. She has been working in a large general hospital in her native Ireland and told me that, since she was our first nurse, and this venture - as she still calls it - is moving back, as she put it, to its "home country", she'd be honoured to come and work here again. When I offered her the position of Head Nurse, she said that she would be delighted to accept.

It's strange how eerie it is here, when there's no-one here being busy, bustling about on patrol, trying to get to their next patient before they are late, or even shut behind an office door, fighting through endless piles of paperwork - definitely the downside of being a doctor, especially an important one. The wards are silent, no moping patients or painfully cheery visitors, no doctors completing diagnoses, prescribing treatments, or (regrettably, not unusually) swearing over some minor trauma or other. I've never really noticed how much a San. needs noise to feel comfortable - nor now different the place is without it.

I simply cannot say how happy I am that the San. has returned to the paradise where I founded it. I intended the Sonnalpe to be its permanent home, so I'm glad that my ambition has come full circle. I'm happy to have Jack as my Co-Head as well - he was never the world's most friendly fellow, but he was always decent and hard-working and willing to accept that being a doctor needs all one's time and it is sometimes very difficult. I was extremely happy to make him Head of the Swiss branch - naturally, there were some who declared that this was because of his marriage to my sister-in-law - some idiots even went as far as to suggest that hopes of such a promotion formed his reason for marrying Joey in the first place! - as I feel that he most definitely deserved it.

The doctor who was Head of the san. that was in this building before I took it back up again said he was cheery about handing it over. He was glad that we had it back, because he likes it when things come full circle - very neat. I told him that I was happy to return.

That's my inspection of the old building complete. I'll head home now - I never realised how homesick I had been for Die Rosen until we moved back in. Hopefully, Madge will have tea ready, and the younger four children will be nicely acquainted with their new home. Davie and Sybil spent two hours gazing at the old nursery. We shan't be needing it any more. I suppose that goes to show: we may be returning to our old home, but some things we can never bring back to how they were.

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