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Author's Chapter Notes:
I ended up having a Jack's-hair-off in the reviews section. Jack will always be dark-haired to me, but if I can read 'fair' six million times and still picture Jack with his head looking like a coal scuttle, I'm sure you can all picture him how you like. It wasn't important and you can picture him with bright pink hair if you like!

A week later, when the children had all but forgotten their conversation, Joey came into the nursery looking furtive. "I got you this, Ruey, to make your hair look more interesting, if you don't like it how it is." She held out a small package, the front of which showed a young woman with flowing hair of the most beautiful golden colour, and everyone grinned at the prospect of more mischief.

Joey started organising them all, sending seventeen-year-old Conchitta, one of their many wards, downstairs to get a bowl of warm water, not bothering to read the instructions on the packet. "How much did this cost you, Mamma?" asked Len.

"Oh, only five euros, nothing major." replied Jo airily.

Conchitta returned with the water, carefully stepping over toys and books which littered the floor - the Maynards had their mother's genes in the tidiness department - and set it down on the little table, making sure not a drop was spilled. Jo got off the said table, on which she had been perched, and thanked the girl. "You can have some if you like, my dear." she joked.

"Gracias, Joey, but I do not think it would look...right on me!" Everyone laughed at this. Conchitta was Brazilian, the last survivor of the Xanti tribe, who had lived in peaceful existance on the banks of the Amazon river, until they had been shot dead by angry English settlers who wanted someone to take out their troubles on, and only two escaped, a man and a woman, who fled to England, before marrying, having Conchitta, and getting ill. Her mother had died early on, and Conchitta had had to look after her father, meaning that she had very little time for school. Fortunately, she had found a job as an instructor at an adventure holidays camp in France, but her father still had to pay for her keeping. As luck would have it, the Maynards had chosen to holiday at this particular camp, and Jo and Jack had taken a shine to Conchitta. She told them of her situation, and that her if her father died she would have nowhere to go. When the holiday was over, Jo had given a piece of paper with theircadress and telephone number written on it, and told her to get in touch if the worst happened. Six months later, they had recieved a letter, and sure enough, they kept their promise, and now Conchitta lives with them. She had skin the colour of milk chpcolate as a result of her background, and blonde hair simply wouldn't have matched.

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