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Josette was never quite sure how it had happened. She'd been quite happily agreeing with the idea that a musical would be a good choice for an end of term play, and that since it was Christmas it ought really to be biblical. The next thing she knew, the others had unanimously voted her into the lead role, ignoring all of her spluttering that she had no talent and really didn't see why she should be the one.

Unfortunately, it had done no good, and here she was, in front of the whole school, convinced that she would never remember the words. She was starting off in a brown tunic, but soon enough she knew she would be dressed in a marvellous swirling coat, made from every colour of material the prefects could beg steal or borrow. Aunty Joey had done them proud, providing some truly garish strips from a bag in one of the attics.

"Not knowing, can't say!" was her airy reply to their exclamations and questions about where she found anything so gaudy. "They turned up when we moved, and it's anyone's guess where they came from. Glad they can be of use!"

On each side, Ted Grantley and Ruey Richardson were readying their movable floodlights, and trying to resist the urge to wave them all around the room in random circles. It had made everyone laugh at the rehearsal, but unfortunately 'Ferry' seemed to think it would be best to keep them aimed at the stage.

"After all, we don't want to dazzle the audience too early" she'd said, even while clearly resisting the urge to laugh along with the girls. "Just focus on showing Vi off to the best effect. We don't want anyone to look at the rest of them until she has finished her first verse.

So they held still, and directed the lights onto the stage. There stood Vi Lucy, a book in hand, and pretending to read. She stopped, looked up and addressed the audience, singing gently to begin with, then increasing, looking around to capture everyone's attention.

Vi :

'Some folks dream of the wonders they'll do
Before their time on this planet is through
Some just don't have anything planned
They hide their hopes and their heads in the sand
Now I don't say who is wrong, who is right
But if by chance you are here for the night
Then all I need is an hour or two
To tell the tale of a dreamer like you
We all dream a lot - some are lucky, some are not
But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real
You are what you feel

But all that I say can be told another way
In the story of a boy whose dream came true '

The main lights went up, Josette gulped, and strode out to the middle of the stage. The play had begun !

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