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Story Notes:

This drabble originated from a conversation between us about a particularly angsty starting line and where on earth Vick should go with it next. The result of that conversation turned out to be this little effort as we began to write sentence-about on chat.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we had fun writing it. Though the first updates are very short, the posts will get longer as the story continues...

This first update has a few lines from each of us, as indicated by the name above each bit.

Vick :

Jack looked in horror at the bleeding and battered body of Joey Bettany.....

Beecharmer's answer :

"That stage make up is amazing Joey!" He chuckled, then laughed harder as the gory sight gave him a very un-corpse-like wink.


“There won’t be a dry eye in the house if you keep up that charade. Who are you going to trick next?”

“Let’s see who comes in, shall we? Go and take yourself out of the way, Jack.”


"Be it on your head if anyone collapses, is all I can say!" he replied, as she re-arranged herself on the floor. Joey grimaced at him with a will, then flopped back quickly as she heard footsteps. Jack hurried out of the other door after a low toned order from the body to "get away or look grief-stricken, my next victim approaches!"

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