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Summary: Messages to Mademoiselle. Sad in parts. Open to be added to if anyone has an idea of a letter from a character and wishes to do so.
Rated: General
Categories: Ste Therese's House Characters: Hilda Annersley, Madge (Bettany) Russell, Simone (Lecoutier) de Bersac, Therese Le Pattre
School Period: Armishire, Guernsey, St Briavel's
School Name: Chalet School
Genre: Family, Friendship
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No
Word count: 4063 Read: 7123
Published: 05 Sep 2012 Updated: 17 Feb 2013
Story Notes:
I'm not sure if this has already been done, but the plot bunny just wouldn't leave !

1. Chapter 1 Madge. Guernsey 1940 by Beecharmer [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (1158 words)

2. Chapter 2 Cornelia by Beecharmer [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (2031 words)
This might be slightly over the top in parts. But thats the way it came out! Thank you all for reviewing and being interested. I hope it continues to work, thank you for reading.

3. Chapter 3 Simone by Beecharmer [Reviews - 1] (874 words)
I needed to get this finished, and the obvious person to end with is Simone, although I cannot quite get the style right, it will have to do ! Apologies if my french or phrasing is incorrect. I hope it isn't too bad.

If anyone else has a character that they think would suit this idea, and want to write a letter to Therese, please feel free to add as a new chapter. I will make the story open if I can so that is possible.