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Ruey Richardson, new deputy Games Prefect, had decided not to play in the Fifths vs. Sixths match, or even watch that particular part of the inter-form competition that Miss Burnett had arranged then. Instead, she watched the Fourth's competition, hoping to get a grasp on each player's performance before she ever had to take them for any practices.

Arda Peik, Jack Lambert, and Barbara Hewlett were the ones who shone here. Jack's spirits seemed to have got back to her at last, Ruey thought, watching that young demon run up the pitch, passing with all her might. This time last year, that particular girl had had little spirit. She had admired Len so much, and when Len had left and a very impatient Senior put in place of Jack's dormitory prefect, she'd been massively disappointed and had no-one to approach with those random questions that came to her. But now, Jack had passed to one of the attackers, beaming brightly.

She noticed the new girl, Flavia Ansell, with Gretchen von Ahlen, move into the audience. Gretchen wasn't a very sporty figure, she did Netball only, and even then she never played for long. With Gretchen, health always had to come first. She wondered vaguely how good Flavia would be at the sport she chose to follow. She would be able to find out whenever she hosted practices.

She turned her attention back to the match, spying out what each player was excellent at, and what their weaknesses were. It always did good to know.

Wanda von Eschenau was one of those who played cautiously, perhaps a little too cautiously. Many of the girls were cautious and conscientious about their play, and it wasn't as fun to watch them as those, like Renata, who were a bit too vicious in game, and pelted the ball down the pitch quick as lightning.

Ruey decided to stroll over and watch the last of the Hockey match between the Fifths and Sixths. Betty and Alicia and Joan Baker were all playing here. Many of the Fifths and Sixths had gone for lax instead of hockey, and Ruey joined her great friend Francie Wilford to watch the hockey. Head Girl Ros Lilley joined them.

"It won't be long until us lax players will start lax again," Ros said. "Come on, Joan!" she yelled, as Joan approached the goal.

She scored, and Ros went wild. One of the few doctors who had come up to 'watch the game' stared at Ros's enthusiasm, but soon returned to admiring Miss Burnett's figure instead. The Fifths had noticed this, and had gone all giggly. The Sixths didn't care, and so they won the match. After a round of "Good game, good game" the players went to go and change, and Ruey and Francie with Thea and Detta all went to go and discuss the match with intensity.


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