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Author's Chapter Notes:

Many thanks for your lovely reviews.  I didn't quite expect so many of you to be annoyed with Jem.  I'm sure he has his reasons. 

An odd night for me to post but, I'm off on my jollies tomorrow so won't be able to post on Sunday.  Consider this my holiday treat to you all ;-)


When Andreas dropped Jack off at the Sanatorium later that afternoon, he hoped he would hear better news of Jo. Jem was crossing the reception area as he entered and greeted him with the news that Jo had barely touched her dinner. He led Jack up to Jo’s room as they talked.

“She’s obviously still upset. I haven’t told her you were coming over, but I warned her that if she doesn’t make an attempt to eat, she won’t be allowed visitors.”

“Let me have a word with her. I’ll see what I can do.”

“She was just dozing off again, last time I looked in.”

“I’ll leave her to sleep if that’s the case, but me being there might help.”

“Thanks, Jack. I’ll come and fetch you when I’m ready to go. I’m hoping to be finished about six.”

“Okay.” Jack turned the handle and entered Jo’s room, switching the light off as he entered. He went over to the bed and turned on the lamp above, angling it so it was turned towards the wall. Jo was sleeping, so he sat down in the chair quietly and just held her hand.

Jo slept for the next hour and Jack dozed as well. He kept a light hold on her hand, determined that she should know he wanted to be there with her, that he loved her regardless. When he woke, he saw Jo was watching him silently. He sat up properly and leaned over to kiss her.

“How are you, Jo?”

“You didn’t need to come, Jack.”

“Yes I did. I promised I’d come every day and I intend to keep that promise.”

“Thank you.”

“How have you settled in?”

“I don’t know. It’s just strange at the moment.”

“It’ll get better. You already know the routine. All you have to do is eat and sleep. No weighing and measuring and all the other stuff this time.”

“I suppose so. I’d still rather be at home with you, though.”

“I know you would, but you’ll be looked after much better in here. Robin and Daisy have enough on as it is, with important exams coming up in the summer.”

“I know. They’ll have to sort you out as it is.”

“That’s true.” Jack smiled to himself as he moved the conversation on to other things and Jo began to cheer up a little. He hoped that when the time came to go home, she wouldn’t fall back into the despair of earlier. When a nurse brought her meal in, she managed to eat most of it, much to Jack’s relief and was still talking when Jem arrived later on. He smiled to see her looking more cheerful than when he’d brought her in that morning.

“Ready to go, Jem?” Jack asked.

“Yes. I just need to drop this off, so I’ll just go and do it while you get ready. I won’t be long.” He departed to take the package he was holding to the laboratory. Jack saw Jo beginning to look a little tearful as she realised he was going home and she wasn’t.

“I’ll be here tomorrow, Jo. Robin and Daisy are both coming as well.”

“Are you sure you’ll come tomorrow?”

“Of course I will. I promised to come every day didn’t I?” Jack stood up to kiss her, and then remembered something. “I found this on your bedside cabinet, after you’d gone this morning.” He delved in his pocket and dropped the rosary he’d given her on the Sonnalpe into her hand. You must have forgotten to pick it up.”

“Thank you.” Jo’s eyes filled with tears and Jack bent down and kissed her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Jo. Get some sleep, now. The more you rest, the stronger you’ll be when the time comes to meet our child.” He picked up his coat and walked to the door, opening it just as Jem was coming back down the corridor. Jack fell into step beside him and they went on out to the car.

“How was she?” Jem asked as he started the engine.

“She’s perked up a little. I think it’s just going to take time for her to adjust again, that’s all.”

“How much did she eat for dinner?”

“She ate most of it, though that might have been because I was there. You’ll have to check with the nurse tomorrow to see if she’s still eating.”

“I shall do. How did you manage with the lights?”

“I turned them off in Jo’s room and just used the lamp over the bed, so I’ve managed quite well, so far. I have a slight headache, but nothing more than a dull ache, luckily and that should go once I get some sleep.”

“Good. Let’s hope you keep on improving, since I could do with you back as soon as you’re able. Are you coming up tomorrow?”

“Yes. Robin and Daisy want to visit so I’ll come with them.”

“I finish about six tomorrow as well, if you want to stay longer. The girls will have to leave at half past four, though.”

“Thanks. At least Jo won’t feel quite so neglected if I stay a little longer. Is Madge planning to visit?”

“Yes. I’ve warned her that it might be next week before she can, though. I wanted to make sure Jo was settled properly first.”

“I should think she’ll be able to visit before the end of the week. Jo will want to see her.”

“Speak to Jo about it, as I think it would be better if Madge visits on her own. You can work out a day when Madge visits and when the girls visit so you get chance to have a rest. She needs to get used to only having visitors for that two hour block, so once you’re driving again, I don’t want you staying longer. It’s not fair to other patients to see you still there after their visitors have had to go home.”

“I understand. I’ll make sure Jo does, too.” Jem pulled up outside Jack’s cottage at this point. “Thanks for the lift home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Jack climbed out and waved as Jem drove off to his own home. He then turned and went inside to be greeted by Daisy and the information that dinner was ready, so he needed to hurry up if he wanted it while it was hot. Jack did as he was told, sitting down at the kitchen table just as Robin had finished putting the meal out. They plied him with questions about Jo as they ate, and Jack answered most of them, warning them that they would only be able to stay for two hours when they visited Jo on the morrow. Once he’d finished, he thanked them for the meal and asked if they minded washing up as he had a headache and needed to go to sleep. They were amenable to this, telling him to go on up and that they could lock up quite easily. He wished them goodnight and sought his bed, where he speedily dropped off, never waking until the next morning.

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