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One of Sophie's friends asked "What have you done now?"


"You know as much as I do, Al," Sophie replied, white as snow with fright and suspicion.


She went to the study, heart racing faster than a horse galloping.


Miss Annersley gave the news to her, and then handed her over to Matey.


Some of her compatriots discussed her meeting with the heads.


"It's mysterious, isn't it?" Alicia Benson said.


"I do hope it isn't bad news about Miranda. Everybody knows about her and Jodie in the school, at any rate. Al, couldn't you guess that?" Samaris King said.


"I always forget they're sisters. I found it hard to believe when I found it out, Sam," Al replied. "She does have a right to hear the news first, but it could be good news. Sam, you've always been a pessimist!"


"I'm just trying to be realistic, Al. You've always been far too much of an optimist," Sam retorted.


"Oh heck, shut them up, Vanna! When they get onto the Optimism/Pessimism argument there's no getting them off for ages,"


"Don't worry about it, Penny, I will," Vanna said. "That shut them up," came in a low undertone.


The girls heard the news after supper, with an added reminder to pray. Sophie Entwistle went down to the san to see her little sister. She wanted to see her deeply.


From reception she made her way to the room Miranda was in. She knocked softly on the door, and then walked in.


Miranda was pale, and she didn't seem strong like before, rather the opposite. Sophie needed to think of something to talk about.


"Hello!" Sophie said, merrily.


"Hello," came the soft, quiet reply.


"You okay?"


"Yeah. What they been saying at school?"


"They're kinda idolising you both. Bit amazing, practically, what you did. But they don't know the truth, or not the whole truth, anyhow,"


"Tell them, then. This is the whole truth," and she summarised the whole tale.


"Well, that was brave of you both. Want to write about it for the Chaletian?" She joked.


"I'd rather pass it onto Jodie. But if she'd not shown the bravery she did over the machine, I'd never had joined in at all,"


"Do you get news of Jode?" Sophie asked.


"All the time. Apparently she's doing better than expected, and is out of the danger zone, with careful nursing,"


"Get to do anything interesting?"


"Sleep most of the time," was the reply. "Nurse is beckoning to you. I think it's time for you to go. See you!"


"Bye. Get better quickly!" And Sophie went back to school, where she was molested by her own and Miranda's friends.


A quick "Miranda's okay, honest!" assured the IV formers, and they went off to do their own thing.


Sophie told Miranda's tale to a handful of her friends, Al and Sam, who accused each other friendly of optimism/pessimism, Vanna and Nessa, who had once been kidnapped, and Penny, who always had been picked on before going to the Chalet School.


Sophie told them Miranda's tale. Miranda and Jodie were doing a jigsaw puzzle in Miranda's room. Nurse was watching them, and at that moment Len came in, with cake.


"Want some cake?" Len asked.


"The cake is a lie,"


"I knew I shouldn't have introduced her to Portal!" Miranda said, rolling her eyes.


"But I am decided on one thing," Jodie said.


"What is it?" Len asked.


"I'm not sure I want to be Jodie anymore. I have 4 other names to choose from,"


"Do your parents agree?"


"Quite. I could just become Samantha, Hilary, Jane or Maria. But Jodie is more of my past. The times of unhappiness, misery, not fitting in. I think I will be Samantha, Sam or Sammy for short,"


"It'll have to be Sammy then! One of Sophie's friends is Sam, short for Samaris, and there were two Sams with those two names in the dark and distant past. They were related, too," Miranda said.


"Well, Sophie's friend Nessa is interested in me, but for the life of me I don't know why," Sammy said.


"Well, Sammy, Nessa would have run away too with her brother, if she hadn't been kidnapped. And then Vanna was kidnapped as well. It's a story, alright,"

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