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"Miranda's awfully late for breakfast. Sophie, go and see what's keeping her," Len said.

Sophie went. As she went up the stairs and got nearer to Miranda's room, she meant to have a go at her for her time-keeping.


"What's keeping Sophie?" Con asked ages later.


"I don't know. See if you can find her, please, Con,"


As Con got up, Sophie burst into the room, holding the note Miranda had written.


"Mamma, Miranda's run away,"


"What!? Please tell me you're having a joke,"


"I'm not. Honest, I'm not!"


"Let me see the note," Con said.


"Here it is, Auntie Con,"


Con read the note out loud, after asking Sophie to pass a cup of coffee to her Mamma, then go and play outside with their St. Bernard, Rufina, named after Joey's well-loved dog Rufus, and take Harry with her.


"To Mamma,

Sorry about what I am doing. I have run away with Jodie so I can make certain she is safe and sound. She's run away because of family and school matters.

We have plenty of money between us, for she got £2 a week an saved it. And I've got plentiful of my own. Do NOT worry your head over it.

Jode wants to find her dad and live with him and go to the Chalet School, but she doesn't even know what he's like. He's been in prison ever since she was 3 years old, for a case of murder, although both the jury and the inspector in charge of the case seem to have a grudge against him.

So bye from me 'til this happens.

Miranda Entwhistle.

P.S. If Jode can't live with him then I've made her promise to come back.

P.P.S. Expect some postcards"


"But... what will happen to them?"


"I don't know. But what I do know is that you need a good long walk in the forest,"


"What about Sophie and Harry and all of my letters?"


"It's either that or bed. Sophie can look after Harry and your correspondence can wait,"


Len finally gave in after lots of work on Con's part.


When she was in the forest she saw Jodie's mum and her mum's boyfriend kissing each other.


They don't look any concerned about Jodie, Len thought. They're too absorbed with their own pleasure!




Jodie was happy at that moment, getting away from the dreaded house to a cheap but comfortable hotel. She was going to see her father for the first time in 11 years. But at the moment she and Miranda were looking around the town.


"What a group of redheads!" Said Miranda. "And then there's a bushy brown-head and a messy black-head! He had a scar on his forehead,"


"Look into this home. A pair of twins and another girl with a perm!"


"There's two girls here, a Senior and a 12 year old,"


"There are 3 kids here, a girl around our age, a boy with glasses and a baby. Quite cute, the baby is - except those very sharp looking teeth,"


"Ooh, 4 kids and a dog. 3 boys and one girl, it looks like, although one of the boys look a bit female,"


"That's a childrens home! What messy hair that girl has!"


"Is it just my warped imagination, or did a baby fly out the window over at that flat?"


"Just your warped imagination. This building has a fat General with piggy eyes, a fatter Colonel at a desk, and a captain with feathers pouring out of his hat,"


"There's a strict housewife. And that's a dentist I visited once - oh so moody,"


"That's a chocolate factory for you. There are 5 kids in the gates,"


"On the other side, you mean. There's a fat tabby over there, and a kid walking a beagle there,"


The two girls did this all of the way to the police station.




Len, Con, Felicity, Clare, and Mel were in the garden, relaxing under a tree.


"So Miranda has run away, with this girl, because the girl-" Mel said.


"Jodie has a name, you know," said Con.


"Alright then. Jodie wanted to run away because of her mum and boyfriend," Mel said.


"Have you not tried the police?" Clare asked.


"Yes, but after Harry and what he did several times, they mistrust us and I can't blame them. If Jodie's mum was concerned in any way then this wouldn't have happened, and if it did then she would have alerted the police herself. It's been a week," said Len.


"We'll have to find them ourselves," said Con, thinking of something her Mamma had once talked about.

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