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They managed to find their belongings again before going to the time-travel machinery. There were two people, one manning the machine, one at a table covered with video cameras.


"Do you young ladies want to travel back in time, to video any event you wish?"


"Ooh, yes please," said Jodie.


"Want a camera? A penny an hour rates,"


"Definitely," Miranda said.


He passed a camera to Miranda, and then they stepped in the machine. Miranda's mind was full of Jacob Kingsley, and Jodie was thinking nothing but her father.


The man operated the machine, there was a lime-green light, and the pair vanished. "Where are we?" Miranda asked as she stood up and surveyed the area.


"It's a house. Lights, Camera, Action!" Jodie said.


"What does that mean?"


"It's a thing producers say. It means turn the lights on/off to suit the scene, roll the camera, and then the actors to act. I read about it. The camera's rolling, at any rate,"


At that moment, two men and a woman passed. They didn't notice the two girls at all. Then another man passed, pushing a man in a wheelchair.


"Let's follow them. It's a younger version of your dad, definitely," Miranda said.


They followed the men until they reached the cliffs. A younger version of Jacob Kingsley was there. Jodie felt like shouting "Hello" at them, but nothing happened.


Jodie's dad bowed his head at Jacob Kingsley. Then they had a conversation and Jacob grabbed the wheelchair.


"What are you doing?" asked Jodie's dad.


Jacob made no reply. He went to the cliff edge and pushed the wheelchair off the cliff. Jodie caught this on tape, before fainting. Miranda found everything disappearing in a red, swimmy light...


 "Where are we now?" asked Jodie, after being roused by Miranda.


"Never you mind. Drink this water; it will be good for you,"


Jodie obeyed her friend. She felt better for the drink and got to her feet.


They were in a cave. They did not realise that they had been propelled into the past, and now were quite visible to everyone, even the Nazis. They did not realise they were in Austria, or that the time travelling machine had gone wrong on them, after everyone else time-travelling had gone to their own time again. They didn't realise anything in that cave.




"Felicity has done it this time, make no mistake," said Con to Len, over the phone.


"What's been going on over there?" Len asked.


"Quads. Felicity has quads!"


"Really? Or are you pulling my leg?" Len asked.


It's true, alright. And all are future Chalet School pupils,"


"They're too young to be thought of as school pupils yet! They're babies still,"


"Oh, and Cecily's engaged," Con said.

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