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"May I visit a Mr. George Bakewell, please?" asked Jodie.


"You may. Could you just wait there for a while?"


The two girls sat down.


"I hope it's worth the journey. To hitchhike here it took a week," Miranda said.


Jodie didn't reply. Her eyes were focused on an advert.


"Jode, what are you looking at?" Miranda asked.


"Is your SLOC in prison? Your best friend? Have an inkling that they're innocent? Then look at the truth!

"The Time-traveller 46, found near any prison, is free. It takes you to the time and scene of the crime so you can truly see the innocence or the guilt of that person.

"Video camera rental found nearby. A penny an hour,"


A prison guard came at that moment to escort the visitors to the prisoner.


The girls were talking to Jodie's father, a half-Italian man.


"So what did happen on that day?"


"My mother was Italian, her name was Maria Balbini. She was young when she had a hate against a school,"


"The Chalet School," Miranda murmured.


"Aye, the Chalet School. My Sister, her daughter, she heard of this some point, and did some of the things at her school.


The people there didn't take it as well as the Chaletians, because she nearly got expelled, and mum actually went to the Chalet School, but only as a background character, as it was known.


A Jacob Kingsley was in her class, and resented her every movement.


Then 11 years ago, he became a police officer. At that time your granddad was in a wheelchair, and I took him for a walk.


Jacob Kingsley was patrolling the cliffs where I was taking dad for his walk. Jacob was a clever bloke, and no-one else was about. He took the wheelchair from me and pushed it down the cliff. I was blamed and my sister was distraught,"


"He got away with it?! The evil toad-like cow!"


"He is still part of the police. He is that security guard,"


"Your time is up," This was Jacob Kingsley.


He was supposed to lead the girls out. Instead he led them into a prison cell, and to the girls horror, locked and bolted the door!


"Look at the mess we're in now. That Jacob Kingsley is a demon from Hell, I'm sure of it!" Miranda said.


"This brick's weird. Like there's a secret passage behind it. That is so unoriginal. Always in a book, the adventurers get locked up, then either get out through the door or find a secret passage! But how do we unlock it?" Jodie said.


"Snake language? Hidden button, knob or lever?"


"Don't be silly. Snake language indeed. What have you been reading, Harry Potter?"


"Yes, actually,"


There's a bed attached to the wall, you can see that - unless you're blind! The passage could link to it somehow," Jodie said.


"Unless another police officer comes and sees us we aren't going to get out of here. Ever" Miranda grumbled.


"Things could be a lot worse. There definitely is a secret tunnel here; it's only a question of finding the operative system. I'm going under the bed,"


Jodie wriggled under the bed in the police cell.


"Gosh! What a load of webs!" said she, trying to get in further. Then suddenly, a call of "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" called Miranda to the bedside, but Jodie wasn't there.


"Jodie!" she called, but to no use.


Miranda wriggled under the bed, and then fell down a hole.


"It's very dark down here. We landed on some straw, maybe hay. Miranda, have you got a torch?" Jodie asked.


"Yes, but it's at home. Oh, heck, what are we supposed to do now?"


"Have a sleep? I'm tired from my messiest hair to my tiniest toenail, and I could do with a kip,"


"What about that Jacob Kingsley?"


Who cares? I've got your hand, we can just move left a bit and then he can't land on us, it's too dark to see around so he won't spot us,"


So they had a snooze, and Jodie woke when a burst of light came into the dungeon.

With difficulty she woke Miranda. They made a run for it through one of the many doors surrounding them. It lead into a passage.


"I heard a thud! He's landed whoever he is!" Murmured Jodie.


She looked through the keyhole. "Jacob Kingsley. Oh, blathersnakes! We've got to run!"

And run they did. Fortunately for them, Jacob Kingsley decided on a different passage.


The two breathless girls got to the end of the passage, where another choice of doors awaited them.


"He's not coming here. That one," Miranda said, pointing to a door.


The passage they went in went steadily uphill, until they reached another passage, which Jodie recognised.


"This is the corridor we went through to see dad," she said.

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