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“You do know we’re only going to be here for a short stay, right?”

Will Shuester leaned against the table and frowned.

Kathie Ferrars smiled at him. “Oh, believe me, I know. Hilda counts down the days every evening.”

“She does?”

“Not till you’ve left the staff room. The point is,” Kathie continued, ignoring his perturbed expression, “you have a talented group, and I think the Play could do with some of that talent. And to be honest, some of them could do with using their talent for something constructive.”

“Are they really that bad?” said Will, half to himself, still thinking of the counting-down.

She stared at him. “You do see the difference between them and the Chalet girls, don’t you? And don’t lean on that table. Matey will be on the warpath if she sees you.”

Will sprang off the table guiltily. “Things certainly are different here. They’re good kids, you know. They’re just...”

“...not used to the ways of this school,” finished Kathie. “I know. But to get back to the Play.”

“We’d love to help you out, but we’re just not going to be here when you put on the Play, so I don’t see how we can.”

Kathie produced a calendar on which the date of the performance had been marked with a bright red P. Another square, some days before the P, boasted a star drawn in green ink.

“I propose we move this forward by a few days,” she jabbed at the star, “and this back... and you help me direct the Play.”

Will grinned. “And what will Miss Annersley say about that? She’ll have to postpone her celebration.”

“I think I can be quite persuasive when I need to be. Of course, I might not tell her the extent of your involvement in the Play... until we’ve impressed her with the final performance, that is.”

Kathie extended her hand, fixing him with an expectant gaze. He hesitated only a moment before he shook it.

“So,” said Will, “when do we start the auditions?”

“Auditions?” Kathie repeated, looking puzzled.

“Oh, I can see we have a lot to talk about. Coffee?”
He held the door for her, wondering what he’d just got himself and the Glee clubbers into – and how he was going to tell Emma that he was staying longer than planned.

Preceding him out onto the corridor, Kathie’s thoughts were going along similar lines. This could be fantastic, but it had potential to go really wrong, from Hilda’s reaction, to Joey’s when she realised her work had been altered, and not to mention asking Nancy to stay at McKinley High with her girls for a few extra days. She sighed. It would all be worth it if the Play was a success...

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