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Story Notes:

This is a joint drabble, written by myself, Beecharmer & Eleanore. Since I wrote the beginning, I get the job of introducing it to you all.

We started writing this about 6 months ago, & it has been a bit of a sideline to our normal drabbling. It's caused many a random conversation between the three of us and jayj who has had the pleasure of giving us feedback and encouragement on how it's progressing. It's still very much a work in progress, so we may be rather slow with updates. We're hoping that by beginning to post it, we might actually manage to finish it off...

As subject warnings :-

We haven't finished yet, so we make no promises who / how many people survive...

There will be several different points of view

There will be Slash (hardly surprising with Eleanore and Beecharmer involved too!!) there will be Angst, (looks innocently around...)


There will be melodrama and confusion!

*produces trampolines, Lego wibble shelters, abseiling equipment etc*

Day 1: Freudesheim

Jo Maynard was busy in her study when the telephone rang. She sighed; annoyed at being interrupted when she had just reached an exciting point in her latest novel. She went into the hall and picked the receiver up.

“Hello, Freudesheim.”


“Yes. What is it, Gwynneth?”

“I was just wondering who was coming to collect the trunks for your girls? They’re the last ones here.”

“Oh. Jack was coming to collect them, but he’s been called out to the Sanatorium. If you can get Gaudenz to lift them, I can call round with the car in half an hour? Jack can deal with them at this end when he gets back.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll expect you at half past eleven.” Gwynneth Lloyd, Matron of the Chalet School, rang off. She was an extremely busy woman and still had plenty of things to get done before she set off on her own Christmas holiday.

Jo put the receiver back into the cradle and headed back into the study. She flopped into her chair and read over the last few paragraphs she had written. Picking up her pen, she managed to write a few more sentences, before realising that she had completely forgotten what she had planned to write.

Day 1: School

Half past eleven saw Jo drawing up outside the main entrance of the Chalet School. She climbed out, wrapping her coat more firmly around her, since the day was bitterly cold, and went quickly inside the building. She noticed the trunks piled in a corner of the spacious entrance hall, but continued on past them, towards the main stairwell. She made her way along to Matron’s room and knocked gently on the door. Upon hearing a muffled answer, she pushed open the door and found Matron busy packing a suitcase.

“Hello, Jo.”

“Hello, Matey. Are you planning to go away for Christmas this year?”

“Yes. I’m going to stay with friends in France. They have a little cottage near Lyon and have invited me to join them for Christmas. The school is being closed for two weeks this time, since Hilda and Nell are going away, too.” She put the last few things into her case, and then shut it. “There, that’s done. Now, let’s find Gaudenz and get those trunks into your car.” With this, Gwynneth led the way back to the entrance hall. They arrived just in time to see Gaudenz, the school’s handyman, hefting the last of the trunks and carrying it out to Jo’s car.

He set the trunk down next to the boot and Jo came round to unlock it for him. He heaved the first one in and was just picking the second up, when a loud rumbling noise reached their ears.

“What’s that noise?” Jo asked. She listened carefully and realised it was getting louder. She walked the few paces to the corner of the building and looked around. The scene that met her eyes made what little colour she normally had drain away. Coming towards her, was a wall of whiteness. She stood, rooted to the spot, watching it come ever closer. Gaudenz came to see if she was all right. He took it in at a glance and grabbed Jo. She felt as if she was moving in slow motion and the whiteness would engulf her. She struggled to think coherently. Her imagination was suddenly playing havoc. She fought to release Gaudenz’ strong grip on her arm. He just dragged her onwards, towards the safety of the school. Dragging her indoors, he slammed the door to and started to bar it as best he could.

“What’s going on?” Matron demanded, taking in the state of Jo at a glance.

“Avalanche!” Gaudenz didn’t need to say anything else, as the building suddenly shook violently and the door was pushed back open from the force of the snow. He retreated further back into the hallway and Matron dragged Jo along with them.

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