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The girls enjoyed the weekend; they didn't do anything special, but spent it relaxing and chatting. Cecily didn't spend much time writing more of her story, but instead spent some of it with her fellow beings, playing with the doll's house, and the rest of it reading her last few unread books. She hoped that their library would open soon so that she could read and read and read.


They went back on Monday refreshed and ready to start a new week of school. Spending a morning on lessons, they then spent the afternoon on an introduction to using the library, or the fiction part of the library, at any rate. As of yet the non-fiction library was out of bounds to them, seeing as they weren't likely to need them and some of the books weren't wanted in the hands of 7 and 8 year old girls.


After the introduction, the girls were all allowed to visit the Junior library and take out books as required. Cecily soon spent all of her breaktime in the library, reading. Francie often went along with her, and they shared interesting books, and warned each other off of books the other would have hated.


Through the week, Myra did not say or do anything to the Maynard three. She still had remembered the incident, though, and was prepared to 'accidentally' bump into any of the trio, even though Joey and Cecily hadn't done anything to her.


Joey herself got a bit more mischievous. She had played some small tricks in class instead of doing any work, which Miss Phipps did not like. She was careful not to give too much of a punishment, but felt that Joey could do the work, if she could be bothered to look at it. She was limited in what she could do, though, seeing as she couldn't teach four pupils one thing, three pupils another thing and the last few another. She'd put Joey up a form, but Joey's marks did not match her intelligence levels, seeing as she messed around all of the time, and the school would only authorize a promotion if Joey's marks were excellent each and every time - which they weren't. She wanted to split the class into those who needed more help, those who were average, and those who wanted more of a challenge seeing as they were intelligent, but it just couldn't happen with the resources available.


Cecily herself found during the course of the week that her best - and favourite - subject was Literacy, with History as another interesting subject. She disliked Science, but felt neutral towards Numeracy - if she put her mind to it, she could do it, and so she put her mind to it. She enjoyed Art, but was not brilliant at it, and as she wasn't allowed to take part in Games, she felt a bit left out where that came, but at least it meant that she could get on with writing.


Dark-head Constance, with her brown eyes, surveyed the others with a sweep of her eyes. Helena, with her violet eyes and chestnut hair, looked back, but red-blonde blue-eyed Margaret was looking away. Phillippa, with red hair and brown eyes, was at the waterbank, ignoring the rest of them totally. They didn't mind. Marie-Claire had similar colouring to Constance. Felicity, as mentioned before, had blonde hair and blue eyes.


Of course, it was practically impossible to get to the main-land, but still they lived in hope. Constance remembered her school, all that knowledge so useless when stranded on an island. However, there was a building on this island, although they only slept there - it was too spooky and dark, not to mention the cobwebs! Helena and Margaret had decided they weren't scared, that it wouldn't scare them.


It scared them so much they never spoke of it again.


While Constance and Margaret tried to carry on with the plans, Helena had decided not to. She found it boring, and preferred to run around the island playing Tag with Felicity. However, Marie-Claire did help.


Friday came again. Madge had been slightly late in her timings that morning and it was only by racing that the triplets got to school on time. Added to the fact that Miss Phipps was evidently not in a good mood, they marched to Prayers and assembly in complete silence. After this, Miss Phipps walked them back and quickly berated them, because a couple of them had whispered to each other during the assembly. This was all in German, and most of them were still at a loss where languages were concerned, although they tended on the whole to be worse at French.


Literacy followed this in short shrift. However, only a few members of the form managed to get their head around the work set, having been taught in German. This was very annoying to Miss Phipps, apparently, and she ripped into them like a savage, only not literally.


The other lessons went on a similar line, and it created a lot of tension in the class. It was a relief for all when the breaktime gong rang through the school and they could get some fresh air. Instead of going to read in the library, Cecily and Francie walked around the grounds.


As soon as they were outside, Francie let rip of how she felt about Miss Phipp's mood, and spent a couple of minutes talking loudly about how unfair it was etc. Cecily said very little. If Francie had noticed her friend's pale face, she'd have instantly latched onto it, but she, Francie, was too het up to notice it that day.




"Oh, look, it's a Maynard," said Myra.


She had been reading a book when Joey, who hadn't heard about the happenings between Lizzie, Cecily, and Myra herself, approached her.


"I just wondered if you'd like to join in a game of tag," said Joey. "You seemed to be feeling lonely,"


"Well, I'm not, so go away,"


"Come on," said Joey. "You'll enjoy it. I saw you playing with those two girls the other day," she added.


"Well, I don't want to, especially not with a Maynard,"


"What's wrong with a Maynard?" Joey looked up a bit.


"You're a load of scumbags, that's what,"


Joey ignored the insult. "Well, if you don't want to, I won't make you," she said. "But if you change your mind, you're welcome to join us,"


"Why would I want to join a load of idiots like you?" Myra yelled at the retreating Joey.


Joey stopped and turned. Lizzie appeared beside her and muttered something to her, Joey muttered something back, then said to Myra,


"It's your own choice," she said simply. "I was only trying to be nice,"


"Trying to be nice indeed, a group of nitwits and airheads like you?"


"Shut your big fat gob, Myra Davidson!"


"No, Elizabeth, you shut yours!"


"That is not my name," Lizzie said, dangerously.


"Then what is Lizzie short for?" Myra yelled back.


Lizzie glowered, not replying to Myra.


"Stupid old Elizabeth, she doesn't even know her own name!" chanted Myra, gleefully.


"Right, that is it!"


Lizzie ran at Myra, punching her for all it was worth. Myra fought back and soon the pair were rolling on the floor, while a crowd of girls watched, yelling "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"


"What is going on?" asked one of the supervising mistresses, surveying the scene. "Elizaveta Marie Maynard, Myra Georgina Davidson!"


The two girls were pulled apart with ease. The mistress said nothing, but thought. Miss Annersley and Miss Phipps would need to know, and whilst Hilda would do her old trick of tempering justice with mercy, Miss Phipps was like a bear with a sore paw.


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