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Auntie Madge was there to collect them as promised, and they had a nice, pleasant, uneventful walk back home. After they got back there were told to do any prep needed to be done. The triplets only had numeracy prep to do, and Joey was finished first. After showing Auntie Madge that she had done it, she went to play, and soon, Lizzie, Cecily, and Josette followed her. Afterwards, it was supper, and bed.


Friday still had the Juniors not totally settled. Cecily found that she was enjoying literacy, enjoying it a lot. This was partially because of the many books she had devoured from her time in the San.


After some lessons came Break. Cecily grabbed her pen and paper as she walked outside. She found a perch under a tree in the grounds, and wrote some more of her story.


Another girl soon found herself on the island. Her name was Felicity, and she was blonde and had blue eyes. It was to be admitted that she was a fun person, but Constance was shy of her. Helena and Margaret liked to play tag with her, but Constance knew she shouldn't. However, she found it hard to get on with her plans without the support of her sisters.


"Oh, look at what's under this tree," said a girl, recognised as Myra Davidson. "And what grand masterpiece are you writing?"


Her two compatriots laughed. "Not her," said one of them. "I doubt this is half as good as I could do,"


"Probably a load of rubbish," said Myra. "Why don't I just... rip it up?"


Cecily held it close to her chest, not saying anything, just watching the girl carefully.


"Oh look, she's hugging it," said Myra. "Just as my stupid younger brother would a teddy bear,"


They laughed. "Pass it to me," Myra said. "I said, pass it,"


Cecily put forward her little tale.


"I wonder what would happen if I did this," Myra said, about to rip it down the middle. "What would you do, you little ratbag?"


"What - are - you - doing?"


The yell reached all the group's ears. Lizzie was stood right behind them, literally crackling with electricity. They stepped back, clearly afraid.


"N-N-Nothing," said Myra.


"Really?" said Lizzie.


"I d-didn't m-mean anything," said Myra.


"Liar!" said Lizzie.


The slap echoed around the area as Myra was flung to the ground.


"I heard every word," Lizzie whispered. "Give that back to my sister,"


Myra handed the paper back to Cecily. Cecily accepted it, keeping all of her eyes on what was there.


"If - you - ever - treat - my - sister - like - that - again," said Lizzie. "You'll get more than a slap. Understood?"


Myra stared at Lizzie, silent.


"Is - that - understood?" said Lizzie.


Myra nodded frantically, and Lizzie dragged Cecily out of their reach. As they left the area, Cecily heard the words "I'll make them pay for this, just you wait,"


"You all right?" asked Lizzie.


Cecily nodded. The bell rang just at that point, and the two sisters walked to their formroom.




Mitagessen had the form dining again, and the girls ate their food and drunk their drink. Cecily for the most part ignored Myra, instead addressing any "Could you pass that please?" questions to Francie Wilford. Francie, who had for the most part been miserable, smiled at Cecily after the third time. Cecily found herself smiling back, and when afternoon Art came, the two girls were found to be sitting next to each other. They talked about the sort of thing young school girls did, while drawing pretty much the same. In fact, they found themselves good company. When the end of the school day, and, indeed, week came, while Joey and Lizzie yelled goodbye when Cathy was collected, she herself said goodbye to Francie when Auntie Madge, flustered and a little out of breath, came.


Coming home, it was very much like last night, with prep, play, supper, and bed. Then it was Saturday.


Cecily was the first to wake up. She got up quietly, being very very careful not to wake her snoozing sisters.


Coming down, she found that neither Josette or Sybil were up yet. She looked around, but only Madge, Rosa and Anna were up, and they were all adults. She got her paper and pen and started writing again.


Getting on with her plans proved unsatisfactory to Constance, so she wondered around the island, looking at the bad men that surrounded them. The island could shield them from the bad men, but anyone else was fair game, including people that the bad men sent.


Phillippa was one of these. She came and tried to rip up all of their plans. Constance tried to hide them so she couldn't, but she managed to get her hands on them anyway. She was prepared to wreck them totally so they couldn't be read, but Margaret stopped her in her tracks, and demanded them back. She was reluctant, but very, very scared of Margaret, who was crackling with electric anger, and who leaked electricity from every corner.


Then another girl came along. Marie-Claire was seemingly moody at first, but as time wore on she seemed nice, on the inside. She and Constance got on quite well, although maybe not as brilliantly as the others as of yet. But they were friendly for the moment.



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