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The three little redheads lay in their cots. Madge viewed them with a feeling of grief. These three little girls would never know their mother. Their incredible (if annoying and immature at times) mother. They didn't even look like her, and hadn't even been named. After days of feeling so bad, so, so bad, she had to do something, one last thing, for her little sister. To look after her children.

She looked at each of them, and then took the first one into her arms. “Hello, little one,” she smiled, blinking back the tears that came when she looked in the baby's eyes, which had a Joey-like look. She knew what to call this little one now. “Hello, Josephine,”

She knew her sister wouldn't have liked to call her baby after herself, but she, Madge, felt it would be nice to have one named, in Jo's honour.

“Rob, what are you doing here?” she asked, out of the blue, for Robin Humphries was there, in the doorway.

“I've been coming to see the babies ever since, you know,” Robin said, the tiniest smile on her face. “They're too sweet to resist,”

“What do you think...” stumbled Madge. “What do you think, Jo, would have called them?”

“I'd have thought she'd have named them in honour of her three greatest friends,” Robin said. “Frieda, Marie, and Simone,”

“I'd like to call this one Josephine,” Madge was still cradling the baby in her arms.

“She could be...” Rob thought for a second. “Josephine Frieda. But then, what should we call the others?”

“I'd think... I'd think she'd name one... after you,” faltered Madge. “Cecilia Simone,”

Robin blushed. “And the third one, I have a feeling she'd be called after another old school friend,”

The pair thought for a minute before saying, in unison, “Elizaveta!”

And so forth the little young triplets were to be known as Josephine Frieda, or Joey, Cecilia Simone, or Cecily, and Elizaveta Marie, or Lizzie. They slept soundly in their cots, little knowing of the world around them, the grief they had caused, or the fact that their mother was buried in a little graveyard, there to rest in peace.

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