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Author's Chapter Notes:

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The next evening, Jem went to check on Jo to find her out of bed and rifling through a drawer.

“Jo! What are you doing? Get back into bed! You’re on complete bedrest at the moment.”

“Not until I find it.” Jo stood up and he saw she was looking distressed. He came over to where she was standing and took her arm. She resisted him and tried to turn back to the drawer.

“Come back to bed, Jo.” He firmly steered her to the bed and helped her back in, tucking the covers around her. “Now, what have you lost?”

“The rosary Jack gave me when we were still at the Sonnalpe.” Tears welled up as she spoke.

“Don’t cry, Jo. We’ll find it for you. Do you know when you last saw it?”

“I can’t remember. I thought it was on the bedside cabinet, but I can’t see it there.”

“Let me have a look for you. There’s so much clutter on here, I’m surprised you can find anything.” Jem said as he removed the books and scraps of paper covered in Jo’s writing. The rosary wasn’t to be found on top of the cabinet, so he replaced everything and pulled it out to check behind. Still nothing.

“It’s definitely not here, Jo. Are you sure it was up here?”

“I think so. I’ve always kept it by the bed or under my pillow and it’s not there either.”

“I’ll look underneath in case it’s fallen off the mattress.” Jem was as good as his word, but he stood back up empty-handed. “It’s not here, Jo. I’ll go and ask the others to have a search through the house for you.” He disappeared off downstairs, where he put his request to Madge, Robin and Daisy. They were more than happy to hunt through the house for the missing rosary, knowing how much it meant to Jo. Jem returned to the bedroom in time to prevent Jo from getting back out of bed again.

“Lay back down, Jo. I’m not having you getting up and looking for it, so you may make your mind up to staying there. If you don’t, you’ll be going back to the Sanatorium where you’ll be on bedrest for far longer than a couple of weeks.”

“No, Jem, I…”

“Then lay back down. If you want to stay here, you’ll do as I’ve asked.” The door opened to admit Madge and he turned towards her.

“It’s not in the house, I’m afraid. We’ve searched everywhere.”

“Then where is it?” Jo struggled upright, despite Jem’s words barely a minute ago. “It can’t be lost forever, surely?” The tears she had been fighting till then trickled down her cheeks as she realised the treasured item Jack had given her when she had first been admitted to the Sanatorium was missing.

“Shhh, Jo. We’ll find it. It can’t have gone far. Lie back down and stop crying.” Jem helped her to lie down again and handed her a handkerchief. He stayed silent until he was satisfied she was comfortable and was getting herself back under control.

“Have you taken it to the Sanatorium for any appointments?”

“No. I’ve only ever had it there when you’ve admitted me.”

“Has it been dropped in your handbag along with something else?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Would you like me to look?” Madge asked. Jo nodded her agreement and she went off to check. She returned quickly and shook her head.

“I wonder if it’s at our house? You stayed there, when you had that cold a couple of years ago,” Jem thought aloud. “How long is it since you last saw it?”

“I can’t remember. I’ve only ever wanted it when I’ve been lonely or wanted it to calm me down. I didn’t need it when Jack was home,” Jo replied.

“Then it’s possible it’s there. Madge, will you go and ring Marie and see if she’s seen it when she’s cleaned in the guest room?”

“Of course. If it’s dropped behind something, she may have missed it. She doesn’t move the furniture in there very often since the room’s so rarely used.” She went off to ring her maid and ask her to search the guest room thoroughly for the rosary.

Madge returned twenty minutes later, a smile on her face.

“It was underneath the bedside cabinet in the guest room. It had somehow managed to get well under, so hadn’t been noticed when Marie cleaned in there. She’s sending Andreas round with it now.”

“I told you we’d find it, Jo,” Jem smiled.

“Thank you,” she whispered. Tiredness was creeping up on her, now and she was struggling to keep her eyes open. Jem was about to tell her to get some sleep, when he heard a car draw up outside the cottage. Running downstairs, he opened the door and took the rosary from Andreas with a word of thanks. He then took the precious item upstairs and gave it to Jo. She just smiled weakly at him and rolled over, the rosary linked in her fingers. The next minute, she was sleeping. Jem turned the lamp on and drew his wife out of the room, leaving her alone.

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