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This is the Coadjutor, Rösli
That nannied Felix and Flixy, the twins,
Who were blonder than mischief-maker, Mike
That turned black with Charles, the next to be born
That admired his brother Stephen (
not Green)
That followed the Triplets, Len Con and Margot
Brought up by the handmaid that adored
The famous author, mother and wife
That lived in the house that Jack bought.

“The coadjutor. That’s what Nell Wilson said when she told me that she’d persuade the young sister of one of their maids at Welsen to come to you. ‘I’ve got a coadjutor for Anna, you can tell Jo,’ she said. The girls were there and heard her and took an immediate fancy to the title. They’ve called that unfortunate kid nothing else ever since ...”

“... How old is the girl, by the way?”

“Nell didn’t say. Sixteen or seventeen, I suppose. She’s a younger sister and she looks about that. Nell brought her up to introduce her to Anna. Luckily, they seemed to take to each other on the spot.”

“That’s something to be thankful for! If Anna hadn’t liked her that would have been the end of her.”

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