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This is the famous author, mother and wife
That lived in the house that Jack bought.

Joey Maynard, sister of Lady Russell who had started the school on the shores of the Tiernsee – the most beautiful of Tirol’s many beautiful lakes – more than twenty-five years before, and whose husband, Dr Jack Maynard, was head of the great Görnetz Sanatorium, laid proud claim to being the first of the school’s pupils. She was also the mother, not only of the Maynard triplets, but of three singleton boys, to quote herself; the twins, Felix and Felicity, her one singleton daughter, and the second batch of twins, Geoffrey and Philippa. In spite of all this she contrived to remain very much a girl both in character and looks and she always insisted that even if she lived to be a great-grandmother, she would be a Chalet Girl to the end.

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