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This is Charles, the next to be born
That admired his brother Stephen (
not Green)
That followed the Triplets, Len Con and Margot
Brought up by the handmaid that adored
The famous author, mother and wife
That lived in the house that Jack bought.

Charles, though so much a baby, was the one who wielded most influence in the nursery. He had a way of fixing his great grey eyes on any offender which made that person feel oddly ashamed. He was already exerting a far greater check on Margot's fits of unbridled rage than anyone else. When untidy Len left things lying about, the sight of her small brother carefully picking them up and putting them away sent her to do it herself. And Con, caught spooning sugar into her mouth from the nursery bowl, stopped short and said, 'It was only one, Charles, I'll tell Mamma; and I won't do it again.' And stuck to her word. And yet he was no prig, but the jolliest little boy imaginable, though he had periods when he liked to be alone.

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