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These are the second twins, Geoffrey and Phil
That patted the big St Bernard, Bruno
That sniffed at the dark-haired singleton, Cecil
That woke the Coadjutor, Rösli
That nannied Felix and Flixy, the twins,
Who were blonder than mischief-maker, Mike
That turned black with Charles, the next to be born
That admired his brother Stephen (
not Green)
That followed the Triplets, Len Con and Margot
Brought up by the handmaid that adored
The famous author, mother and wife
That lived in the house that Jack bought.

[Geoff was] a sturdy small boy whose straight hair was bright red and whose square-jawed face wore a liberal sprinkling of freckles...

[Phil] was very thin and her little pointed face was pale under the chestnut fringe which crossed her brows.

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