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This is the big St Bernard, Bruno
That sniffed at the dark-haired singleton, Cecil,
That woke the Coadjutor, Rösli
That nannied Felix and Flixy, the twins,
Who were blonder than mischief-maker, Mike
That turned black with Charles, the next to be born
That admired his brother Stephen (
not Green)
That followed the Triplets, Len Con and Margot
Brought up by the handmaid that adored
The famous author, mother and wife
That lived in the house that Jack bought.

... “Bruno decided he’d like a stroll, so he came too.”
Adrienne smiled at Len, but she kept a wary eye on the dog. She was not accustomed to dogs and last night Bruno had been shut in the doctor’s den. Joey had felt there would be noise and excitement enough without a huge dog to complicate matters, so Adrienne had not met him yet. He came up to her, his great tail going like a flail, his mouth open in a doggish grin.
Len noticed how the visitor flinched a little as he came to push his head against her, and laid a strong hand on his ruff. “Keep down, old man! Adrienne, this is Bruno, who is a very important member of our family. The school presented him to Mother years ago when he was only a pup. He’s very friendly. Bruno, give Adrienne a paw!”
Bruno solemnly presented a paw and, not without some inward qualms, the French girl shook it. She was relieved to find that when the little ceremony was over, Bruno shot ahead of them, racing madly over the lawn.

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