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Story Notes:
Characters belong to jayj which is why I have put it as a joint drabble.
Author's Chapter Notes:
No nastiness is intended in any way, only gentle fun, though hopefully this won't upset anybody.

It was the end of year party for the EBD unit, and the bunnies were letting their fur down for once. The drabbles were all on hold over the Christmas night, to avoid clashing with the work of Father Christmas and his Elves. 

Even Tom and Rosalie had been able to leave the Big Brother house in the hands of the junior buns, with Martin and Billie in charge for a few days. They were enjoying the chance to catch up with the other senior bunnies, and were regaling them with stories of the mayhem the Story Awareness Snails were causing in the house. 

Over in a corner the Beecharmer Bunnies had had a pitifully small amount of alcohol, and were thoroughly overexcited. They were currently involved in creating a giant and rather precarious pyramid out of half full wine goblets. The other bunnies had initially seen this as a fun diversion, but as the number of glasses began to multiply they began to evacuate the area around the pyramid and start to look quite worried. 

Finally, after all of the vegetables and hay had been either eaten or thrown around the room by drunken rabbits, Sir Royston stood up and called for everyone's attention. 

"I just want to say a few words, then we will get on to the awards. I'm sure you are all keen to know if your department has done well this year, and don't want to be delayed by a dry speech from an old rabbit like me." he said, then looked furious as some of the more raucous members of staff gave a cheer at his words. "So after a few words I will pass you over to the capable hands of Rosalie Rabbit." he continued. "Well Done everyone for getting through a difficult year. We have had some issues with the move to new premises, and some of the more volatile drabblers and their refusal to stick to one or two stories at a time."

At this he looked in irritation over at the Beecharmer bunnies, who were trying to work out if they could play music on the rims of the glasses making up their pyramid, and were totally oblivious to anything going on around them.  

Sir Royston continued. "However it has all worked out well, and you can be very proud with everything that you have achieved over the past year."

Finally he passed the microphone over to Rosalie and she thanked him and turned to the crowded room. 

"Well, here we are again, another year on!" she began. "As always, you have all worked very hard...if sometimes somewhat erratically ..." she added, with her own concerned look towards the Beecharmer Bunnies before continuing. 

"This year has been especially complicated, as apart from the move to the SDL we have also had the documentary team following us around for behind the scenes material thanks to the success of the original EBD unit drabble. We have had some ups and downs, but on the whole I think we have come across well, and not had to reveal too many of our secrets."

The bunnies nodded in agreement, and looked around at the EBD unit documentary team, who even now were frantically making notes for this drabble. 

"Now we come to the time where we make special mention of some of you who have gone above and beyond the call of duty this year. As always, the Hilda and Nell department has been busy, and we want to make special mention this year to the Nell bunnies, since you have had a much busier year than normal, following on from the upsurge of slash fiction begun at the tail end of last year by drabbles such ad Throwing Caution to the Blaze and Tea and Militancy. 

Rosalie paused and indicated towards a table of resourceful looking bunnies with white hair shot through with copper, sitting with tidy looking bunnies who had as yet never needed glasses. 

"Well done also to those of you in the Jo department. We know you all have had to deal with a lot of negativity and teasing drabbles about your beloved Jo, as ever, and the work you have done in making sure her natural niceness and good heart still shows through is appreciated by all of us." Rosalie carried on, indicating towards a table of tall excitable bunnies with their ears rolled up in 'earphones' at the side of their heads. 

"I have been asked by your section head to make special mention to Daphne and Mortimer, who have had a VERY busy year, and have managed to not only guide Jo through her challenge without dying, and who tell me that they are doing their very best for the possibility of some Triplets, or at least one child."

Daphne and Mortimer blushed and then stood up and acknowledged the praise of those around them, quietly pleased to be recognised this way, and thinking it almost made up for dodging Vick's children and having to work late into the night due to her being such a night owl.

Rosalie continued her speech, giving special mention to the rather overworked crossover team, who had finally given up the fight and merged resources with the Beecharmer bunnies. 

They were hopefuly however for some escape from dippy madness, for there seemed to be a few more crossovers coming back again, with crossovers even occurring between drabbles. The Augusta team were proud to have a bunny that made it into the Isobel St Agnes war drabble, and that drabble was making it's chase up the top ten lists even with infrequent posts and showing that the Queen of dark drabbles could write something really EBD as well. 

A proud bunny had been saying "Good Moaning" and "Hope your drabble pists are going woll" to anyone who would listen, and there was a new spurt of life in the bunnies for TV and generally mad collaberative drabbles, in anticipation of more playpen madness to come. A little Tintin bunny was proudly saying 'Billions of Blistering Barnacles!!' on every possibly occasion. Bunnies in charge of children's books crossovers were proud to have a reposted Narnia drabble and a started Winnie the Pooh in their portfolios, with hope for more from them in the new year. 

The Augusta bunnies were as ever entertaining all around them with their unique outlook on life and general cheerfulness, and nodded in agreement when Rosalie told them how well they were doing. 

She also made mention of the huge amount of effort that the recently formed Re-posting team had made and how full and generally lovely the SDL was getting. 

The Rachel and Tamara Squirrel bunnies were rather overwhelmed with all the noise and cross-talking involved at the party but were gamely joining in as much as they could, giving each other support along the way. They were hugely embarrassed to get a special mention for making a difference in the lifes of those who had never known Aspergers can be combined with fictional creativity and never really understood Autism properly before. 

The Brothers in Arms team were also embarrassed but pleased to get a special mention for the exploration of how illness can effect the carer just as much as the person stuck in their own mind, and for introducing such a strong Sarah and Tristan Denny that to many they felt like EBD Canon, not to mention the fact that at least one author had to have a bunny charged with reminding them that the Tea and Militancy Other Characters were not actual EBD creations and therefore could not be stolen for drabbles without permission. 

The huge New Dreams bunny section was still mainly focused on reposting, but got a mention from Rosalie for the immemse effort involved in reposting such a long drabble and keeling it interesting to the re readers,, as did the Alison H, Pim, Liss, Nightwing , jmc and Abbeybufo bunnies, who had been working hard collaborating with the "Out of the Archive Bunnies" who had all spent so much of the mid part of the year in the laborious process of resposting and editing. The randomness and hilarity of the Elle and Minim drabbles were finally able to be read and Scar was another who was fast feeling as though she was part of the EBD canon. Being able to read Cecil on the SDL was also a great insight into how a younger maynard might have felt, just as the excitement of the monthly calendar gave a great look at how a Maynard future might have gone.

Rosalie apologised to the other posting and reposting bunnies for not mentioning by name, since there were so many of them but the fact of their drabbles being easy to read and searchable had made the SDL a great place to explore. 

Rosalie continued. "So many of you have worked very hard, but we feel that one department does deserve a really special mention this year. They started off with a pared down department, and budget cuts, since there hadn't been much call recently for their characters, other than as small side characters in other drabble. Now, a year on, their workload has grown so much that we are proud to announce they are to move to their own dedicated offices." Rosalie said, indicating a small but strong looking team of bunnies. "They have dealt with death, vampirism, near break ups, prejudice in many forms and large amounts of frustration and lack of opportunity for privacy. They have told us What Matey Knows and given us events with hats, pajamas and jigsaws. They have pushed forward to new social media, got past the risk of frills and ribbons being used inappropriately, and dealt sensitively with the minefield of student - teacher relationships. Perhaps not to everyone's taste, but always providing great material for drabbles, please raise your glasses to the Kathie And Nancy Cuteness And Niceness bunnies. To KANCAN Bunnies! "

She raised her glass, as did everyone else. Unfortunately some of the Beecharmer bunnies obediently did so too before remenering that their glasses were otherwise occupied. 

The pyramid trembled, stabilised, then shifted a tiny amount too far and the Avalanche began. Glasses shattered all around and the EBD unit were soaked to a rabbit in a mini tidal wave of alcoholic carrot juice. 

Rosalie, safe up on stage the only dry one, merely looked at the Beecharmer bunnies, rather shocked at the inevitable result of their dippiness, and rolled her eyes. 

"Merry Christmas everyone!" she said, then grinned. "And to all a good fright!"

The mood in the room lightened, and the more traditional bunnies gave up their plan of rolling the actual Beecharmer bunnies and simply rolled their eyes at them. 

"To the EBD unit!" said Tom, holding her own glass up. "May it live long and prosper and bring us many many more drabbles in 2012" 

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