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"What are you doing?"

Nancy was unabashed by the sudden appearance of an audience. "Warming my hands."

"Like that?" Kathie wasn't sure she approved.

"It's the warmest part of me. At least," Nancy amended this statement, "it's the warmest part I can get at right now."

"Well, I don't think you ought to be getting at it. Not in the staff room, Nance!"

"I don't see why not," Nancy replied, unmoved by this plea. "All the residential staff are female, so it's not like they'd be seeing anything that was new to them. And besides, I'm not displaying any unmentionable bits. Or," she finished sweetly, "is that what you're objecting to?"

Going rather pink, but otherwise ignoring this provocative statement, Kathie extracted Nancy's hands from their warm refuge and clasped them firmly.

The tussle that ensued, as Kathie attempted to keep Nancy's hands prisoner while Nancy struggled to free them, was hotly contested - particularly once it occurred to Nancy that Kathie's body had places of equal warmth to offer her.

It wasn't until voices could be heard approaching that they desisted.

"You look a mess," Kathie said, surveying her partner critically, even as she began to rectify Nancy's appearance. "You're all untucked. Did you have to put your hands inside your blouse?"

"Well, you wouldn't let me put them inside yours," Nancy said, submitting meekly to being tidied up.

"Not in the staff room," Kathie reiterated, making one or two final adjustments to Nancy's clothing. "There. You look as respectable as you ever do."

"That's more than can be said for you," Nancy observed in amusement, looking at Kathie's dishevelled state. "You look like you've been doing exactly what we have been doing - plus quite a lot more that we haven't."

Kathie looked horrified, but even as she hurried to repair the ravages Nancy had wrought in her appearance, the staff room door began to open.

"Kathie! My dear girl! What have you been doing to yourself?"

She shot a glare at Nancy, the cause of her predicament. "Warming my hands."


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