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Story Notes:

I know I still have a dozen uncompleted drabbles, all of which really need some attention, but given that I'm currently suffering in a fashion not dissimilar to Nancy (*coughs in a miserable and pathetic manner* *looks round for sympathy* *gets none* *pouts*) this plot bunny seemed too topical to ignore. I've never heard of a flu cold before (I always thought it was either one or the other, not both at the same time) and I'm inclining to the opinion that EBD made it up, so I feel no qualms about admitting that I simply landed Nancy with a list of my own symptoms (plus one or two extra for good measure) and left her to get on with it!


"I hear you've been defending my honour."

"You're not going to start lecturing me about it, are you?" Nancy looked up at her partner warily. "I've already had Hilda and Matey scolding me, I don't need a nagging from you as well."

"I wasn't going to nag," Kathie said mildly, dropping a kiss on the lips that were currently formed into a quite adorable pout. "I was going to say 'thank you'."

"Oh. Alright then. Go ahead."

"I just did."

"That was it?" Nancy appeared underwhelmed.

"What were you expecting?" Kathie asked, curling up on the bed next to her partner. "Fireworks and a fanfare?"

"Something a bit more impressive than what I got," Nancy groused.

"Come here, then."

After a thank you that was more in line with what Nancy felt she deserved, the pair sat companionably side by side, as Kathie brought up the concerns that had surfaced in her at Nancy's initial greeting.

"You do seem a bit on edge today, my love. What did Hilda and Matey have to say that's got you so ruffled?"

Nancy rolled her eyes. "Hilda gave me a ten minute lecture on being discreet. I really don't know why - she can't have expected me to pass over such impudence, just because you and I are... well... together."

"No," Kathie agreed cautiously, "but she probably didn't expect you to get quite so furious over it. That's not like you, Nance."

Nancy merely shrugged, settling herself more comfortably on the bed and leaning her head against Kathie, who was starting to have her own suspicions as to what might have gone wrong for her partner that day. As Nancy closed her eyes, Kathie's critical gaze noted the pale skin, the languid movements, and the fact that Nancy appeared more breathless than their earlier activity warranted.

"My love, what did Matey say to you?"

However, Nancy had already drowsed off against Kathie's shoulder, and she had to be gently shaken awake and have the question repeated before Kathie could get an answer out of her.

"Matey? She looked me up and down 'til I felt about an inch tall, said 'Hmmm' in a disapproving tone, and then ordered me off to my own room."

"Where you didn't go."

"I like yours better."

"I had noticed," Kathie replied with fond exasperation. "But, Nance, did Matey just send you to your room, or did she tell you to go to bed?"

Nancy's guilty expression was sufficient answer to this, and Kathie sighed. "She's not going to be pleased with you."

"She's just making a big fuss about nothing," Nancy said dismissively, doing her best to suppress a sneeze. "There's not a thing wrong with me. I'm a bit tired, that's all. A good night's sleep will put everything to rights, you'll see."

Kathie looked dubious.

"Really." Nancy was firm on the subject. "I am fine."

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