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Story Notes:


Author's Chapter Notes:


 Today we shall be hosting in the Berenese Oberland. Four contests ready to have a show down and win that all important £1,000 prize for hosting the best dinner part - or worst - quoted the presenter of the show.


Here comes contestant number one, said the presenter (who remains nameless at this point in the show) and showing stunning scenery of the Swiss mountains. Joey Maynard; author and mother of eleven walked along the garden path to the school to borrow one of their maids. Anna; her maid was already slaving away at the pudding - trifle - adding the last few ingrediants, whilst the maid set the table.

  Joey Has one hour in which to prepare the other two of her courses; which provide no issues, having Anna and the maid on hand. A huge St Bernard dog comes bouding into the kitchen and snatches some of the main course from the table - toad in the hole. 'Does anyone else feel like she is taking the easy way out?' Sneered the presenter with a wicked chuckle.

  Joey checks to make sure her maids are not skiving, and has time to rush up to change into a plain white frock which has seen better days, and tied her hair in great big coils at the side of her head.

  She checks the starters which she has made herself (wonders will never cease) 'please see chaletschool.co.uk to check out how to make her melon fans with strawberry sauce of course!'

  The door bell rings and the first guest arrives. It is Emma t with a box of thorntons chocolates and a bottle of wine.Wearing jeans, a top and trainers.

  Or at least another realm, quoted Beecharmer, the presenter of the show.



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