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Story Notes:

All works refered to can be found under the penname 'Minim', if not, tell me to post them!

Author's Chapter Notes:

This part is Beecharmer's, Minim's putting the whole thing up.

Miss Annersley stood at the front of the hall and waited for the girls to quiet down.

Finally they did, although Jade was heard to say "I don't care if it's German day, I'm not speaking that language you can..."

Miss Annersley gave the culprit an icy scare. She then began.

" Girls! We have an emergency. Minim has been heard to doubt her drabbling ability. She has even been heard to say at a party that she might stop drabbling. "

Mary Lou emitted a clarion scream. Everyone ignored her. Miss Annersley continued.

"Now the crisis has been averted for now, but we need to avoid the risk of it happening again."

There were loud rumblings of agreement from the whole school.

" We wouldnt have Scar without Minim!" said several girls looking shocked. " And we would never have the Stig here ! "

"We wouldnt have Jade either though" muttered a couple of the girls, then they felt bad, as that wasn't a very chalet school attitude.

Nancy and Kathy looked at each other in alarm.

"Without Minim we would have to be mortal again!" Nancy whispered in distress. Kathy nodded and her incisors lengthened. Nearby staff and girls edged away and started sharing around crosses and stakes in protection.

Mary Lou emitted a clarion scream. Everyone ignored her.

Gaudenz clutched his screwdrivers close to him. He was less concerned about this possibility, it had taken him ages to clean the blood from his screwdrivers after the mass screwdriver murders. Then he remembered that at least with Minim he had a proper scene in a Drabble without being suggested to be doing all sorts of things that ought not to happen in a school. He joined in the support.

Scar tried to work out when she could next escape to use her mobile. This HAD to be reported ! Without Minim how was it going to be another record year ???!!

Ted looked nervously at Len and her other friends. If Minim stopped writing Margot would come back and her own actions would be found out. This wasn't good.

" We have to stop this happening !" said several voices. " After all she stands up for non moody teenagers everywhere! And she actually likes maths!"

A bespectacled lady with several evil plot bunnies attacking her from all directions leant into the room and said "and she taught me what Quintains were, and helps inspire great yibble! Not to mention the Lego wibble shelters and trampolines. What would the CBB do if she stopped drabbling!" before being attacked by even more of the bunnies and collapsing to the floor.

The entire Chalet School made a declaration and signed it, to ensure that Minim didn't give up and stop drabbling.

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