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Margot Maynard sat and looked in her mirror. It had been a very, very long time, and still she was eighteen, after, what, 52 years?

Everyone had stayed exactly the same age as when the bothersome EBD had finally disappeared. It was great to know that no-one had any control over them any more, but they were only book characters and so they needed to be controlled to age.

As Margot adjusted her hair and made to leave, she thought about her family. Being a nun was not her plan, but the combined plans of EBD, Mother, and Father. They had no idea what she was really doing.


"I will contact you soon, Mary, and let you know about the job,"

"Thank you," Margot said, and walked out.

She was happy now. Being a PT teacher was what she wanted to be. EBDs plans had hindered her somewhat, but now she was her own person. She was who she wanted to be at long last, and no-one was in her way.


On her way out of the interview, she noticed a group of females, of ranging ages, watching her.

"Hello," she said, uncertainly. "Why are you watching me?"

"We're the CBBers," they chorused. "And we write about EBDs book characters. One of us has been tracking you, and you fit our description perfectly,"

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