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"You know" said Rix meditatively some time later, "I'm really glad that witch of a nurse let me help you there, but someone really ought to report her."

"Not to mention her bedside manner." giggled Ted, who was drowsily lying on her, dare she think it, boyfriends chest.

Then she started laughing, laughing so hard she could almost feel the tears falling on her cheeks.

Rix sat her up and looked at her completely perplexed.

"Oh, Oh." she said laughing even harder at the sight of his face, "it's us. I'm just picturing everyone's face when they hear."

He forced a smile, "I certainly didn't expect to fall in love with you the first time I saw you. Although I was almost blinded by you."

"I did rather burst your ego a bit didn't I?" grinned Ted, "Although you forgot you'd even met me before when we met that second time at Len's wedding. I was mortified."

"Well you didn't let me see it, that's for sure. I hoped the world would swallow me up, you were so cutting. I think thats when you really started... I don't know I just couldn't forget you."

"What can I say? I have a way with words." she said lazily. She suddenly sat up properly and stared at Rix, before looking away and twisting her hands uncomfortably "Look I'm sure I'm going to regret this but it's going to nag away at me if I don't know. Rix, how many girls have you, you know, been with?"

She looked down. The last few hours had been heavenly, and she knew what she felt for Rix was genuine, she even believed what he felt was genuine. But would it last? How long before Rix moved on?

It was as well that Ted was looking down for Rix went red. He had been expecting, and dreading, the question, but he hadn't expected it so soon.

He swallowed nervously, "Look Ted I've never felt like this about any woman before. Trust me on that. Yes I've been with a lot of women- we both know I would be lying if I denied that, but I've only been in two real relationships before this. Stephanie you've met, and you saw how well that ended. The other one was my first love when I was seventeen." then quickly he flung the ball into the other court, "What about you? You are far too beautiful to be entirely innocent in this converstion."

"Me?" asked Ted thrown, she was still reeling from 'lots'. What on earth did that mean?

"I'm afraid I am. Unless you count Pete, which I don't, there hasn't been anyone. I guess you have a few years of experience on me. " she finished lightly, although she could feel the tension in the room rising. How embarrassing. She had never really considered herself an innocent, a baby, but in here, in this room, compared to Rix... It was like saying it had solidified what she had already been thinking, had already known.

Rix stayed silent. It wasn't that he minded exactly. Just that it made him feel a bit, well, disgusting. He felt like some sort of predator. He was older than her (something which he had never really considered before), and more experienced, and suddenly he felt like one of those old men who flirted with young girls. It just left a nasty taste in his mouth.

She could practically hear the hands of the clock on the wall moving. This was so awkward. How could she, who had played it so cool for so long, have just admitted that she was really just a stupid little Chalet School girl. She had to say something... anything would do if it would shut up the little voice in her head that had always told her she wasn't good enough. Right now it was working in over drive.

"Well aren't you going to say anything?" said Ted at last desperately. More silence.

"Look i'm not exactly comfortable with your situation but i'm dealing with it. Why are you looking at me like i'm some sort of freak? Are you disapointed? Or does this just ruin your plans: You're going to have to go slower with me than you expected, perhaps it's not worth the effort." wound up Ted angrily, her mouth running off with her spiralling thoughts.

Rix reeled back as if she had slapped him.

"Oh Rix I'm sorry." she said immediately, "I didn't mean it, I was just anxious and..." she trailed off.

"You did though." he said slowly, painfully. "You did mean it. You still don't believe me, not really, and you certainly don't trust me. Thats my fault at least a bit, probably mostly. Ted I want you so badly. But not like this. Maybe one day you'll see me as your equal. Maybe one day I even will be. I have feelings for you like I've never had before. But they don't involve you accusing me like that. They... Oh damn it Ted! I saw us having a future together. A real one. I... I've got to go. Heres some money for a taxi, they should discharge you in an hour or two."

And throwing a few crumpled notes at her, he disappeared from the room.

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