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Roddy sat up in bed with a bang as someone knocked on his door.

"Can I come in?" he heard Seth asking on the other side of the door.

"Well I was sleeping.." he growled.

"Oh good you're awake." said Seth letting himself in. "You sleep like the dead, man."

"I do try." grumbled Roddy pointedly.

His friend ignored him. "I mean really, you're the last one up, you never even see breakfast..."

"Did you wake me up just to tell me this?" asked Roddy glaring.

"You should have seen her this morning. She looked so beautiful. She's radiant." said Seth longingly.

Roddy rolled his eyes. "You think she's beautiful. Now there's a revelation." he said sarcastically, preparing to turn over and go back to sleep.

"Who's beautiful?" asked Felix sticking his head round the door.

Roddy groaned, and pulled his pillow over his face. "Is it completely impossible to expect some quiet, and oh I don't know... some SLEEP maybe?" he growled through the pillow.

Felix ignored him crossing the room, and pulling open the curtains. "Are you trying to set a record or something? If you're not careful it won't just be Fruhstuck you've missed. Mittagessen is in half an hour."

Roddy groaned for at least the third time that morning. Felix yanked his pillow away unsympathetically.

"So who were you two talking about anyway?" he asked curiously, "Not someone up here surely. I don't think we rise to howling beauties sadly. Lucy Peters is alright or she would be if she shut her gob occasionally! Thank goodness she hasn't been over since we got here. Her and Fliss are awful when they get together. They never shut up."

Seth remained silent.

"Do you know someone else who never shuts up?" asked Roddy pointedly.

"She's coming up this afternoon though, the whole crazy lot of them are!" continued Felix not one whit abashed by Roddy's comments.

"That'll be a good opportunity for you to ask her to the dance then won't it?" asked Roddy.

"I'm not asking that blabbermouth..." began Felix indignantly.

Roddy raised his eyebrows sceptically.

Felix relaxed easily, "Okay I'm doing it." he admitted, "I'm a glutton for punishment it would seem."

"Of course" said Roddy in his heavily sarcastic tones, being woken suddenly didn't agree with his temper, "it's nothing to do with those shining black locks and starry blue eyes you were rhapsodising about the other day?"

"She's a clever wee minx" replied Felix with a laugh that betrayed him, "Not coming round here even once this holiday, always inviting Fliss over there, she's trying to extract an invite, thats what it is. And I can't let down such cunning can I? Anyway what about you?" he asked carrying the war into the enemy's camp.

"Oh me?" said Roddy carelessly. "I asked Rita Donnelly of course."

"You asked nurse Donelly?" asked Felix his eyes open wide in awe.

"I might have done." admitted Roddy, a twinkle in his eye for the first time that morning.

"Wow." said Felix, impressed despite himself. "And she said yes?"

"Well no." said Roddy laughing, " I'm going with Lise Van Schweib."

Felix grinned. "I should have known. Poor Lise, imagine being second choice."

"To Rita Donnelly though." pointed out Roddy, "If you thought you had a chance you would ask her before Lucy.

"Hmmm." said Felix consideringly, "You do have a point, she doesn't talk as much. Well what about you Seth, do you have your eye on anybody? Not that you've really had a chance to meet anyone yet. Well I suppose you'll meet everyone at our meeting this afternoon. I'm sure we can dig up someone for you."

Roddy and Seth looked at each other, Roddy nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Uh", said Seth, reddening slightly. "Well actually I was thinking about asking emmm..."

"Who?" asked Felix blankly.

"Uh.. well..."

Roddy kicked his friend.

"Felicity." he blurted out.

"Fliss." repeated Felix.

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