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Author's Chapter Notes:

Given that my essay deadline is looming, and the CS Othello seems increasingly unlikely to make it as far as an actual performance, Kathie allowed me a brief glimpse of this morning's rehearsal...

"Joey! What are you playing at? Desdemona's supposed to be a gentle creature who's resigned herself to accepting whatever Othello may choose to do. She would not fight back like that!"

Joey looked over her shoulder at the despairing director. "You said I could put up a struggle if I wanted."

"I said you didn't have to be entirely passive. I did not say you could start a pillow fight - and I certainly didn't give you permission to pin Nancy to the bed!" Kathie turned to the other participant in this scene. "As for you, Nance, may I remind you that you're supposed to be playing Othello? What on earth possessed you to give in to her like that?"

Nancy produced a highly-suspicious look of wide-eyed innocence as she gazed up at her partner. "Habit?" she suggested demurely.

With a glare that even Miss Annersley could not have bettered, Kathie swung round to look at the rest of the cast who, after Nancy's comment, were chuckling audibly. "As for you lot-" Words appeared to fail her and she threw up her hands in exasperation.

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