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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was only ever meant to be a silly drabble to cheer someone up, but it would fit ok ish here, so may as well share it ! Not mature, but PG maybe :-)

People who have read All Change may remember this situation from Ted and Con's letters to each other. But you don't need to have read that to enjoy this little bit of silliness.

As Ted and Con drove back to the farm after a weekend away, they saw Nancy and Kathy waving at them from the window of their flat, then coming down to exclaim over how neat and compact the inside of the van was, and bicker gently about whether they should have bought a campervan rather than a car.

Ted smiled at the two of them. She had always liked Nancy and Kathy as a couple, they seemed so well matched, and clearly cared deeply for each other.

She smiled even more as she thought back to an incident in her and Con's final year at school. They had been left in no doubt as tp the fact that Nancy and Kathy were also interested in women.


{Imagine shimmery TV flashback type stuff here... Going back to approx time of Adrienne / Prefects. Con and Ted about 17 / 18 }

Ted was restless. She had finished her prep, had done her supervision duties, and was up to date on her mending. They still had an hour before the prefects had to go to bed, and she really wanted to be able to spend some time with Con.

But Con had been collared by Margot to help with tennis coaching, and was too soft to refuse. So Ted was sitting on the grass overlooking the tennis court, twisting blades of grass together in frustration as she watched Con stretch up to serve. The line of Con's body as she reached up was so familar, so mesmerising to Ted that she was soon following on in her mind from the image in front of her to their snatched moments together.

This however did not help with the frustration, and Ted was beginning to feel as though she would explode if she couldn't have at least a few moments alone with Con to follow through on her thoughts.

Con finished the coaching and wandered over to Ted, laughing with Margot as she went. As she reached the grassy slope Con looked up at Ted. Instantly taking in the tension in Ted's body, the darkness of her eyes, Con's own body responded in kind, and she quickly made excuses to Margot to see her back at the school. Without needing to do more than look at each other, they knew what the other was thinking. Ted and Con sauntered off casually, looking around before disappearing off into the trees.


Back at the school, Kathy was ready to tear her hair out. Not one of her Lower IV class seemed able to think today, and she was writing sharper and sharper comments, and getting more and more covered in red pen.

Nancy looked over at her. Kathy's hair was standing on end where she had run her hands through it in frustration. She had unconciously caught her face with the red pen, and had the tiniest smear of red ink on her cheek. Nancy could sit there taking in every tiny detail of her face for hours if she could. But as ever, their lives were controlled by the need to be discrete, not to be too obvious. So she had to move her eyes away long before she was ready to do so.

She sat back in the chair and looked at her own pile of marking with a sigh. They really needed a break together, but their timetables had been hectic recently.

Nancy looked out of the window. It was still light, and the evening was cool and pleasant. She made a decision.

"Leave that for a minute" she said to Kathy. "We can come back to that later, come for a walk with me"

Kathy looked up at her with unfocused eyes, her brain still half on the terrible efforts of Lower IV. "Mmmm?" she said absently.

Nancy shut the book in front of Kathy, looked around to make sure no one was paying attention, then grabbed hold of Kathy's hand and pulled her with her out of the room, before Kathy had time to object.

Kathy was shaken awake by this, marvelling as ever how Nancy's hand in hers made her feel instantly happier and more refreshed, even before they reached the cooler air outside.

They linked arms, knowing that enough of the mistresses did this for it not to invite attention the way that holding hands would do. They wandered aimlessly and chattered more freely than they had been able to for weeks.


Ted and Con had reached the herdsman's hut. With a quick look around they slipped in and headed to the pile of rugs at the back of the hut without any hesitation.

"Ohhhh, I have missed you..." said Ted, nuzzling into Con's neck and begining to kiss gently up along her throat, making Con shiver at the tiny tickles this created. She simply responded by moving so that her own lips met Ted's. They sank down onto the rugs, then shrieked as the pile of rugs fell over taking them with them.

They each checked the other was ok, then started giggling madly, even as they found each other's lips again and moved together, their bodies fitting closely and naturally as they always did.

Near silence reigned in the hut as they continued making up for so many weeks apart.


Nancy and Kathy had chattered their way to a companionable silence, and were thinking of the fact that they had to head back to school too. This was a bit depressing, since they had had such a lovely time alone this evening and really didn't feel like going ba k to the Staff room and being sociable.

As they passed the hut, Kathy got a wicked look on her face, glanced around then pulled Nancy in through the doorway before Nancy had a chance to react.

Inside Ted and Con were almost shocked into jumping up, only Con's presence of mind in staying down and quickly placing her hand over Ted's mouth to stop her saying anything to alert the mistresses to their presence saved them from discovery.

With her free hand, Con pulled some rugs over the top of them and they lay as still as they could, fighting the nervous giggles that began to overtake them at the situation.


Nancy, once she had got over her suprise, was laughing too.

"Are you serious? What if someone comes..." she chuckled, as Kathy slipped the latch on the door. "Comes along I mean, as you full well know " she added, in response to a grin and raised eyebrow from Kathy at her first sentance.

"The latch is on the door, the curtain is shut" said Kathy, suiting her actions to her words. "We are off duty, it's no one's business even if they did find out. And now we are safely in here, there is no reason anyone will find us. We have to be so quiet in our room at school, I'm liking the idea of not having to hold back..."

While Nancy was quite keen on the idea of Kathy not holding back, Ted and Con were less so, the chance of them not being found due to giggling was becoming less every minute. Although it was nice to have it confirmed to them that Miss Ferrars and Miss Wilmot WERE a couple, this wasn't quite the way that they would have wanted to find out.

They could hear the movements of the two woman, but not really see where they were. Ted suddenly had a mental image of them doing the same feat of acrobatics that had happened to her and Con when they lay on the rug, and ending up being catapulted on top of the hidden pair. This finished her off and she began shaking with silent giggles.

Nancy had her eyes closed, leaning back against the wall, enjoying the fact that Kathy seemed determined to be very keen to make up for little physical contact recently. In a brief moment, she opened her eyes, then her body stiffened as she saw the movements of the pile of rugs. Her first thought was rats, then her sharp ears caught the sound of stifled giggling.

She looked carefully and saw the outlines of two bodies. She couldn't tell who, but she realised very quickly that they were not alone, and she needed to tell Kathy quickly and quietly. Unfortunately, Kathy had misread Nancy's stiffening muscles and had moved on very quickly in her exploration of her partner's body. Nancy closed her eyes again, very tempted to just pretend to herself that she didn't know they had company, this had been promising to be a most enjoyable encounter. After all the people under the rug couldn't necessarily see them...

However with an effort she brought her mind back to reality, and gently indicated to Kathy that she needed to stop a minute. Kathy moved back, with a question in her eyes, which only intensified when Nancy put her finger to her lips and nodded towards the pile of rugs. Her eyes widened as she saw the tell tale signs of movement. Instictively she went towards the rugs, assuming it to be school girl mischief.

Frantically Nancy caught hold of her arm and shook her head. Out loud Nancy said.
"That scene....er, yes that scene will work very well in the play, good idea to come here and practice it. Now we must get back, look at the time !"

Kathy looked at her as if she had gone insane before clicking into what Nancy was trying to do. Out loud she agreed, and they left the hut quickly, Nancy buttoning her blouse in all the wrong holes in her haste.

As they sped down the hills, Kathy muttered, " Who do you think?" to Nancy, who shrugged.

"Could be anybody" Kathy said, pausing and looking speculatively back towards the hut. "Should we wait and find out?"

Nancy was tempted to know herself, but was also wary, since whoever it was didn't have definite evidence that it was them who had been in the hut. Waiting around to find out who it was in there wasn't worth the risk.

"We could wait..." she said to Kathy. " Or... We could think about the fact that everyone else is busy and we could be the only ones on the staff corridor if we were to hurry back to our room now..."

Kathy didn't need much persuading. Once the shock of near discovery had worn off, the humour of the situation had started to occur to her.

As they went up the stairs to their room, she started giggling to herself. Nancy gave a look at her and waited till they were safely in private before asking her what was so funny.

" I was just thinking, we both normally run a mile to avoid giving sex ed lessons, we very nearly gave an impromptu one to someone there !"

Nancy laughed with her, then looked more serious. "We did! I wonder who they were? Do you think they were ... Well, girls from the school?"

Kathy grinned

"I wondered when you would get there. I'd bet anything that was two women or girls under there. Unless my memory of the shape of the female form is very faulty" she replied, even as she began making sure this wasn't the case by reaquainting herself with Nancy's curves.

"Yes, I think you are right," said Nancy, still a little worried about whoever it might have been. "I just wonder WHO ..."


Ted and Con meanwhile had escaped from the rugs, and were alternating between fits of laughter and curosity about Nancy and Kathy as a couple being confirmed for them in such a dramatic way.

"Oh! When she said about not being overheard I nearly choked!" chortled Con. "Thank goodness they changed their mind - I wonder if they did that because they saw us?"

" Maybe," said Ted, who had raced accross the hut to put the latch down as soon as it was safe to move, and was now peering out past the curtain at the two mistresses retreating backs"

She turned back to Con with a wicked grin on her face. "No wonder Willy found it so hard to do that sex ed lesson !"

Con dissolved into further giggles at this. Ted joined her on the rug, unsure whether Con would feel the moment had gone.

"So... " she said, in a mock casual tone. " I guess the time is getting on, we probably should be getting back to school really, I guess?"

Con looked at her and smiled at Ted trying so hard not to be a bad influence.

"I'm in no hurry," she said. " But rather than the rug pile again ..." she continued, pulling Ted up and moving over to the wall Nancy and Kathy had just vacated. "I did manage to see a little of their ... Er... Demonstration, and it is important we don't let any lessons our teachers show us go to waste, you know..."

As Ted realised what she meant, she went first red with embarrassment, then quickly forgot her embarrassment in enjoying the fact that Con seemed to be a quick learner.


Back in the present day, Ted looked over at Nancy and Kathy and smiled. They might never know who it was that had disturbed them, but she sent a silent thanks to them for the end result. Most enjoyable.

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