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Hilda Annersley leant back into her chair and valiantly resisted the urge to pick up her paper knife and throw it at Mrs Maynard’s back as she disappeared through the door. The compulsion was too much for her, she seized the knife and hurled it with as much force as possible. Sadly the door swung closed and the knife failed to bury itself in Joey’s retreating back. Instead it buried itself in the door. Seething with anger Hilda got up, and tried to pull it out. However such was the force of her throw she was unable to move it, even when she placed both feet against the door and put her whole weight behind it.

Suddenly the door sprang open, slamming Hilda into the wall. Rosalie Dene stomped into the room spitting blood. With as much dignity as she could muster, Hilda, also spitting blood as a result of splitting her lip, stood up and said “Rosalie my dear, what ever is the matter?”

“That woman!”  yelled Rosalie, “ If she comes in here offering me her idiotic advice one more time I am going to punch her lights out!”


“I mean it! She swans in here thinking she is Lady sodding Bountiful, just because she was the first pupil at the school, coming in here, dispensing gratuitous advice, like she knows anything about running a damn school!”


“Don’t you ‘But Rosalie’ me! You hate her as much as I do! And almost as much as Madge does, she left the country rather than stay within 100 miles of Josephine sodding Maynard!”


“Don’t say it!” warned Rosalie, “That woman has to go! If I have to kill her myself she will never set foot in the Chalet School again!”

Realising that Rosalie was too insanely angry to speak, Hilda turned to the portable blackboard against the wall of her study, and spun it round. Across the top, in bold chalk was written, “Killing Joey – Possible Ways.”

Rosalie’s mouth fell open with shock.

Rosalie ran her finger nail down the side of the blackboard as she scanned the list. Ignoring Hilda’s wince at the stomach curling sound she was producing she murmured comments to herself, “Not bad… Hmmm, not sure about that one… Ha! I like it!… Ohhh…” The scraping nail paused in its perusal of the board, and began to tap.

“You like those ideas?” smiled Hilda.

“Oh yes,” replied Rosalie, the sound of evil dripping from every word, “especially this one,” The finger tapped again.

Hilda craned her head to see which of the extensive list of ways to kill Joey that Rosalie had chosen, “Ah! That one, good isn’t it?”

“Yes, and it kills two birds with one stone. What ever made you think of this way?”

“You remember the last sale?” shuddered Hilda.

“Vividly,” replied Rosalie shutting her eyes.

“This is my revenge.”

“Would you like some help in implementing it?” said Rosalie opening her eyes and looking round at Hilda.

“They do say two heads are better than one,” grinned Hilda.

“Then lets get to work, and if it succeeds there will be two less heads on the Gornetz Platz.”   The two women laughed evilly as they hurried off to find Gaudenz’s carpentry set.

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