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Story Notes:


This is set in the future!  It was written in response to the challenge to rewrite ML’s accident.





This is set in the future!  It was written in response to the challenge to rewrite ML’s accident.



Maine and Riche were skiing along the road from the Sanatorium where Maine’s assistant was recovering from injuries received in the latest case they had just closed off planet when they heard shouts from the hillside.


A teenager at the top of the hill was crying out "No, Emmy! We mustn’t! Emmy—don’t!”


But at the top of the slope the second girl at the top had realised that if she wanted to get off she must go at once and crying. “Funker! Baby!” at the first girl as she pushed off.


The sled set off at speed down the run as the teenager steering it showed she knew how to guide the sled whilst the first teenager let rip a series of wild screams. 


Maine commented that she rivalled a New York junky high on drugs! Riche commented that teenagers did not need drugs to make that much noise but that she was spoiling the otherwise peaceful scene.


Maine and Riche then saw an older girl was rushing up the slope as hard as she could go and calling out “Steer right Emmy, steer to the right” and Maine and Riche realised that the girl on the sled was heading straight towards a larger overturned sledge with several young girls and an adult trying to sort themselves out and move to the side of the slope.


At this point the teenager on the sled lost her head and started to pull each rope in turn so the she zigzagged across the slope losing control. At this point she hit something previously hidden under the snow and parted company from the sled and flew into the older girl who had been shouting instructions. She hit the girl in the chest and the force carried them both backward against a tree trunk.


Maine and Riche skied up to site of the accident, arriving at the same time as a older woman who was obviously in a position of some authority. As Maine arrived at the spot she noticed that the object which the sled had hit was about six foot on length and that an arm had been uncovered by the impact.


The older woman had mean while knelt down beside the girl flung against the tree and with the help of Riche turned her very cautiously on her back. There seemed to be no sign of life in her. She lay there, still, grey and to all appearance, dead!


Maine meanwhile was examining the object under the snow and had uncovered more of a body. “I need my crime scene kit and it is back at the Hotel and we need to contact the local police.”



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