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Len & Con looked at their sleeping triplet reflectively – their eyes met over the red curls and they grinned at each other. Then, in smooth synchronicity, the each took an end of the sofa, and tipped the sleeper onto the floor of the Freudesheim salon. Instead of awakened wrath, however, the sleeping triplet turned over on the rug and seemed to sink into an even deeper slumber.

“I’m getting a bit concerned,” said Len. “I think we should speak to Mamma – or even better Papa, if he has time, about it.”

“Yes,” replied Con. “I wonder if it’s something like glandular fever?”

Len looked really worried at that thought. “But that takes ages to get over – and keeps recurring. After our time in Canada I thought all the health worries were over!”

“Well, it’s something that seems to strike even healthy people in their teens these days – they lose all their energy – in fact, have no go at all. That’s what it looks like to me.”

“You could be right.”

And Len & Con took another look at their snoring sibling, and went in search of Joey

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