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"Here's the black mist," said Amber.

One by one, the four girls entered the mist. As soon as they entered it, they could not see out of it. The four went on, listening for sounds or anything that could alert them to another being.

A short scream settled that. The four followed it and saw an even darker patch, with a hand appearing out of it. The four approached it and Scar took the hand and pulled it out of the darkest patch, bringing an unconscious human with it.

Mary, Ellie and Scar took Elsie through the mist, Amber walking nearby, almost like a zombie.

It took them forever to get out of the black mist, but with perseverance and wind they managed to get out of the dark patch, which was now being dispersed by wind. The girls collapsed, with exception of Ellie.

"That might be one of them," said a "man", seeing Ellie's silhouette.

"Bob, you always say that, and are always wrong," said another "man".

"Well, if they aren't, they may have seen them. We're supposed to look for them, and find them,"

"Alright, Bob, but if this is wrong..."

"This lot don't believe in life on other planets,"

"Okay, fine," and the "men" forwarded to the silhouette.


The five were safe, and after a bit of careful monitoring in the school san (just in case) they were unleashed back into society, Elsie last.

"Jade's coming next term," said Ellie, one evening in the common-room.

"Who's Jade?" asked Elsie.

"Jade is an old friend of ours," said Scar.



"Sorry for being such a prat,"

"Sorry for all that business last term,"

"You already said,"

"Yeah, but I didn't mean it then. Under a headmistress, you tend to do what you're told,"


Sale day. A hanging of normal mist surrounded the school. The girls were in the hall, setting up stalls. Scar, Ellie, Elsie, Mary and Amber were helping with the nicknack's stall.

"Wow, look at these electronics! I wonder why no-ones thought of them before?"

The auction was to take place just after the competitions, which included a rather good dolls-house by an old girl, a very challenging quiz by the more modern-fashioned girls, a tiddlywinks contest, and "Guess the auto-changed words" which correlated with a random internet site.

The auction was fairly simple. It was made up of over-priced objects and those less noticeable to the crowd. The pricing was very simple. They'd offer full price first, and if no-one went for it the auctioneer would half it, and then half it again. If no-one went for it then it would be set aside. If the original maker/provider claimed it they could keep it, otherwise it could be dealt with somehow. Nobody had planned for that. There was no need anyway.

The girls tidied the sale away after it finished and the last person had gone. Then, after supper, they went to bed. The next day they were off home, and relaxing over the Easter holidays.

The End

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