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The form room was blaze with talking. The mistress taking the lesson had been detained and it would be 5 minutes at the very least until she could go to them. Laura was trying to get silence.
In one corner Ellie was trying to talk with Elsie, but over the din it was impossible.

"Oh, shut up, you lot!" shouted Laura. Nothing happened so she flumphed down and nodded to someone.

The girl Laura had nodded to started to dance. Instantly silence fell, because no-one wanted to watch this girl perform a striptease.

"Thank you," said Laura. "Do we really want a prefect coming in here to stop our howls?"

Most people shook their heads.

"Aroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" called the odd one out.

"Stand at the back of the classroom, with folded arms. Everyone else, get the textbook and your workbooks out,"

The class were stunned that Laura was acting like a teacher, and nothing happened.

"Are you all deaf?" said Laura.

Everyone obeyed. Laura was too great a force.

"For prep, we were all told to make sure we knew our times tables up to 12. Most of us did this 3 years ago, but we may have forgotten, and some of the class weren't here then."

"All of the class except you, me, Melody and Lind weren't here then," said the girl at the back. "Oh, and Miss is right behind you,"


Ellie and Elsie were talking in the corner of the common-room.

"The first meeting of the Sale committee is in 5 days," said Ellie. "How do we get the others to suggest ideas?"

"I don't have an idea, you tell me," Elsie said.

"Yeah. You need to help, you know. Half of the work is yours. I take it you've been gloating at your new position?"

"Uh, well..." was all Elsie had to say.

"Don't. It's pointless and I've got the better position. No-one will like you if you gloat about a thing,"
Elsie flushed slightly.

"So, that aside, we need to come up with how to get peoples ideas for a Sale,"

They had a bit of silence for a bit, while thinking hard.

"How about a box for suggestions?" said Elsie. "We can have that running for a couple of days, then have a vote on which is the best,"

"Good idea," said Ellie, and stood up.

"Where you going?" said Elsie.

"To get a box, of course!" and Ellie sped off.

A moment later, the room fell silent.

"What you should do is put your suggestions for the Sale in here. We'll have a vote on it and the best idea will be taken to the committee,"

Everyone was slightly startled, but greeted the idea with enthusiasm anyway.

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